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King - light flatwork and first ever jumps [03:07]
This was King the other day, I believe it was his second ride since I started with him! Most of the ride was done at a walk, at least the first 20mins, we had a bit of a play in the trot, and finished up with popping him over a few poles and a couple of cross-rails - just to see how he reacted to them. Nothing much phazes this horse, can't wait to pop him over some bigger fences when the ground dries up a bit! In the video you will notice he's shaking his head all around and being a bit mouthy - we brought up his racing records and found he was raced in a tongue tie (amongst other gadgets) and not only was he getting his tongue over the bit, it was 'nut crackering' him as we have found out he has a low palette. So this week we tried a whole heap of bits and found one that works for him so will have a video up of him in that soon :) Please leave me a comment, rating, and subscribe! Thanks for watching! xx
Tags: racehorse rescue, ex race horse, x-racer, TB Thoroughbred, 17hh, dressage, sj, show jumping, jumper, training, schooling, re-training, re-breaking

Untitled [00:36]
Just haivng a play with newer version of vegas which was forced upon me (ending in the conclusion that it's pretty much the same as the old one). Started fiddling with the song and then added some clips and a few effectsjust to amuse myself. But it wouldn't play back so 5 mins editing turned into 100 years of rendering just so i could see what it looked like. So thought I might as well upload it. If this it too rubbish then i'm sorry and feel free to thumbs down to let me know! Couldn't think of a title that didn't seem a bit flippant on today of all days so essentially it doesn't have one. I do not own cips or song.
Tags: Horse Racing, Music Video, Horse Racing music video, racehorses, jockeys, song, effects

MY WIFE KNOWS EVERYTHING vs MY WIFE DOESN'T KNOW (Full Version Horse Race) [02:39] :You can't make this up. Horse race at Monmouth Park Race Track in New Jersey. Both horse just happened to be owned by the same person. But they are both there, at the end, threatening to win the whole race. This is the entire call. It is 2mins and 30secs.
Tags: horse race, my wife knows everything, my wife doesn't know, horse racing

Prix de Bourgogne 2005 -Jag de Bellouet [03:48]
Vincennes-France, €110.000 - 02/01/2005 - 2.100mt 1. Jag de Bellouet, Christophe Gallier 1:11,7 (Viking's Way - Vaunoise) 2. Jaminska, Pierre Levesque 1:12,1 3. Civil Action, Paolo Leoni 1:12,2 4. Gigant Neo, Dominik Locqueneux 1:12,5 5. Scarlet Knight, Stefan Melander 1:12,5 6. Ilster d´Espiens, Jacques-Henri Treich 1:12,7 7. Jalba du Pont, Jean Yves Rayon 1:12,8 8. Likable River, Wilhelm Paal 1:13,0 9. John Arifant, Jean Claude Hallais 1:13,2 10. Alesi OM, Giampaolo Minnucci nt 11. Ipson de Mormal, Ulf Nordin rp 12. Hyperion, Stéphane Guelpa rp 13. Késaco Phédo, Jean Michel Bazire rp 14. Ispalion Jarzeen, Franck Nivard rp 15. Ico Kiki, Jean Christophe Sorel rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, prix, bourgogne, france, vincennes, jag, de, bellouet

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