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||--The beauty of Equestrianism...--|| [01:03]
Hi guys :) !!! How are you?? I've been absent on youtube for a long time now... Sorry about that. I now have: Vegas pro 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a dream coming true for me) And i have to admit that it is kind of hard to make really good effects like Equestrians/pro editors here on Youtube so i did my best exploring the options for the past few weeks ... So i give you this very simple and experimenting video today and i hope it's not too bad for my first Pro vegas video :S give me you're advice please :) I do not own anything it's fan made stuff :) Some clips belongs to Woznme :) Thanks a lot for all these incredible clips Peter :D Sorry i won't tell the name of the song becouse i don't want that group to get over used... Thanks a lot for watching PocoZeph's videos, have a nice day and see you soon :)
Tags: we, are, equestrian, equestrianism, eventing, show, jumping, dressage, pocozeph, horse, horses, cross, country, FEI, rolex, kentucky, badminton, trial, australia, cheval, chevaux, CSO, saut, d'obstacle, concours, complet, performance, speed, race, course,

Another Sunday Doubt winner as the odds on favourite Silencio breaks her maiden at Calcutta [01:32]
Silencio (Sunday Doubt - Self Decision) wins for trainer Bharath Singh and jockey C Alford at Calcutta. From, "Bharath could not have expected a poorer opposition than what the 1400m Amberetta Plate had to offer. The Sunday Doubt filly, however, was a fair fifth behind Secrecy in the Alokananda Stakes, which is considered as a juvenile fillies` classic. As a result of this Silencio was backed to the exclusion of her seven rivals. Christopher Alford, riding the 8-10 favourite, chased the leader, Peppermint, till the top of the home straight and took off to score the way she ought to have."
Tags: bangalore, Calcutta, winter, monsoon, turf, 2010, 競馬赛马hippisme, cavallo, race, caballo, India, Horse, Racing, Keiba, Filly, Indian, Punjab, dashmesh, mysore, colt, track, hyderabad, Hurricane, state, valid, concept, inner, city, one, life, to, lov

For over 50 years the BBC has been at the forefront of televised sport and has one of the greatest collections of sports footage in the world. The content ranges from traditional events in Britain and the United States to global games and modern sporting pursuits. The BBC Sports Library now contains over 20000 hours of footage giving BBC Motion Gallery the opportunity to provide classic images from the following sports: athletics, badminton, cricket, extreme sports, hockey, horse racing, marathon running, rugby union, rugby league, football, swimming, yachting and many more.
Tags: BBC, WORLDWIDE, SPORTS, track, field, weightlifting, gymnastics, cycling, darts, horse, racing, failure, motgal, determination, fall, catch, pole, vaulting, strength, fight, car, swimming, success, victory, teamwork, soccer, rugby, sailing, diving, courag

Overdose 13. győzelem - Pozsony, Cena MYSA - 1000 m - 2010.07.18. [02:39]
Pozsony, Cena MYSA - 1000 m - 2010.07.18. Overdose -(1/2)- Boschka -(NY)- Another True Story Jockey - Gary Hind A régió legjobb sprinterei előtt, taktikus versenyzéssel nyerte Overdose 15 hónap kihagyás után első versenyét. A jártatóban Overdose még feltűnően izzadt, ami annak a jele, hogy ideges, egy kicsit elszokott a versenyzéstől. Szinte versenytempóban indult meg a startgép felé, nem volt könnyű visszafogni, hogy ne idő előtt adja ki magából az erejét. A startot követően lovasa, az angol Gary Hind rögtön az élre tudott állni vele, és pozícióját meg is őrizte a kanyarban. Ez azért volt fontos pillanat, mert Pozsonyban az ezer méteres távot nem egyenes pályán, hanem egy 180 fokban visszaforduló szűk kanyaron keresztül futják, így aki kívülre kerül, sokat veszíthet. Overdose elsőként fordult a rövid, mindössze 400 méteres célegyenesre, ahol ugyan a többiek nagyon jöttek, de lovasa nem kért tőle többet, mint ami a győzelemhez feltétlenül szükséges volt.
Tags: overdose, csodaló, wunderpferd, wonderhorse, ungarn, hungary, hungarian, pferd, horse, lóverseny, galopp, lovi, racing, mikóczy, zoltán, ribárszki, sándor

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