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Scout Being Naughty [00:36]
This is the bad side of Scout. A jump that's not on the wall to him, means SHORTCUT! This was also my mistake as a rider not paying enough attention and keeping him on the line. Yes, there is Two other riders, Valerie and Gigi, and Leigha and Major. So yeah. It's not all butterflies an rainbows! Oh well!!! I guess now I should post the good raw where he jumped Fabulously!! I still love thihorse to peices!
Tags: horse, jump, jumping, horses, riding, pony, dressage, hunter, equestrian, barrel, western, quarter, arabian, horseback, saddle, pleasure, equine, training, eventing, thoroughbred, stables, lesson, paint, warmblood, colt, barn, rodeo, trail, welsh, cross,

superbass | 100 [00:42]
I worked so hard on this and I don't exactly like it, but meh. hopefully you guys do ? My 100 subs video. This time the overlay didn't go retarded so it looks okay, haha Please, any constructive criticism is welcome :) I don't own the audio or any of the clips.
Tags: eventicelectric, superbass, horses, galloping, on, the, beach, arabian, horse, riding, eventing, thoroughbred, racing, bokeh, pony, dressage, hunter, equestrian, jumper, barrel, quarter, horseback, naughty, rearing, saddle, jumping, equine

Teeny Lil' Rodeo! [01:29]
lol, Evaire's sad attempt to be naughty one day. *sigh*, now before you comment, her tack fits her perfectly, she is not in pain of any sort, etc. She is off the track, so can get unbalanced sometimes, and that's what happened here. She tries to rebalance herself by bucking (as most all horses do). All she knew before we got her was to throw her weight onto her forehand and "book it" to the finish line. Balance was pretty much non-existent. Her balance has come a long way, and she's improving everyday. Also, we have not jumped her any higher than we think she is ready for. She did this once, then went on to jump this same jump multiple times with no problem. No need to criticize my riding, she is EXTREMELY strong, and it's nearly impossible for me to pull her head up before she's done (yes, even with one rein stronger than the other). Thanks

Hippisme - Naughty Prince beats the jinx! [04:07]
Brilliantly ridden by Jeannot, N.Prince cruised in past Forlisa...
Tags: Horse, Racing, in, Mauritius

Sprintermastaren Final 2007 -Naughty Nunu [02:08]
, Hugo Langeweg jr. 1:12,0 3. Megaman Neo, Lars Anvar Kolle 1:12,2 4. Express Merett, Pekka Korpi 1:12,3 5. Gift Kronos, Lutfi Kolgjini 1:12,3 6. Sky Launcher, Björn Goop 1:12,3 6. Archipelago, Örjan Kihlström 1:12,3 8. Garland Kronos, Johnny Takter 1:12,3 9. Marquis du Pommeau, Per Lennartsson 1:12,8 10. Johnny Muscles, Thomas Uhrberg 1:13,0 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab sprintermastaren halmstad sweden naughty nunu russel november garland ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, sprintermastaren, halmstad, sweden, naughty, nunu, russel, november, garland, kronos

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