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Betfair trading - ramblings of a scalper [08:21]
I normally trade football at HT but it's so damned slow and there's a good chance I'd make a recording to find out there are no opps to scalp so thought I'd record a horsey market pre-race and provide some commentary on what is going through a trader's mind when looking at the market. Unplanned so a lot of rambling. If it helps the newbie trader then that's all I can ask for! If you make a career out of it, send me a nice bottle of 15 year old single malt. I could just trade and record that but you won't know why I did something or didn't do something. In fact, it's the non-activity that will save you from emptying your bank! Excuse the bongs and bings - it's a signal that some football match was about to kick off. Fun of Geek's Toy! Oh, and the term is "BSD". ;) DISCLAIMER: gambling and trading are high risk activities. There are no guarantees that you will make money. You may lose more than you initially risk and accept responsibility for your own losses.

'#// My coach says //' ~ MASTERPIECE // [01:03]
This song is really overused, but I like it and I don't normally make fast videos so here we go :I Don't really know what else to say..:L Please like, comment and subscribe it means an awful lot! :)-3

DEVUELVE LA PLATA - Cl. Alfredo LS Jackson (G3, 1900m) [03:15]
VSC: Devuelve la Plata (Until Sundown), con Oscar Ulloa en la monta, ganó el G3 Alfredo LS Jackson (1900m, pasto). Tabla: 1° Devuelve la Plata, 2° Quichino (a ½ pczo), 3° Vitorio Andolini (a 1), 4° Go Casablanca Go (a 1¾). Tiempo: 1:53.41 (pista normal). Devuelve la Plata: MC 3a, Until Sundown (Smart Strike) y Habibti por Dushyantor. Criador: Matancilla. Detalles: Segunda victoria -primera de orden clásico- en seis actuaciones. Lo entrena José I. Inda y pertenece al stud "Masaiva".

CLARK GABLE - Cl. Wolf (2000m) [02:11]
CHS: De atropellada, Clark Gable (Dushyantor) se adjudicó el clásico Wolf (2000m). Héctor Isaac Berríos guió al hermano menor de Belle Watling. Marcador: 1° Clark Gable, 2° Urko (a ½ cpo), 3° Querido Machito (a ½), 4° Yepetto (a 3¾). Tiempo: 2:00.58 (pista normal). Clark Gable: MC 3a, Dushyantor (Sadler's Wells) y Biala por The Great Shark. Criador: San Patricio. Detalles: Segundo triunfo -primer clásico- en nueve actuaciones. Lo entrena Patricio Baeza y pertenece al stud "Don Theo".

LLENA DE FUEGO - Cl. Televisión Nacional de Chile (1600m) [01:52]
CHS: Cómodo triunfo de Llena de Fuego (Hurricane Cat) en el clásico Televisión Nacional de Chile (1600m). Elías Toledo fue su jinete. Marcador: 1° Llena de Fuego, 2° Qué te Hace (a 2¼ cps), 3° Amoore (a 5¾), 4° Indy Station (a 8). Tiempo: 1.37.13 (pista normal). Llena de Fuego: Tercera victoria -segunda de orden clásico- en 23 actuaciones. Preparador: Miguel Medina. Stud: Haras Porta Pia. Llena de Fuego: HC 4a, Victory Gallop (Cryptoclearance) y Llena de Dicha por Hidden Source. Criador: Porta Pia. Detalles:

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