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Clásico Poder Judicial - Edición 2009 [02:25]
Maitena sacó la clase para imponerse en el Clásico Poder Judicial, una prueba para yeguas, que se corrió este domingo sobre 2000 metros en el Hipódromo de Monterrico. La pensionista del Stud Pope controló por cabeza Cracovia, cuyo jinete presentó reclamo que fue desestimado por la Junta de Comisarios. Tercera a 2 ¾ cuerpos quedó La Consulta delante de Faraqueen que lo hizo a 11 ½ cuerpos. ... jockey club del perú hipodromo de monterrico carrera caballos horse race racing lima peru ...
Tags: jockey, club, del, perú, hipodromo, de, monterrico, carrera, caballos, horse, race, racing, lima, peru

Premio Renzo Orlandi 2009 -Ghibellino [02:17]
-Italy, €110.000 - 19/04/2009 - 1.600mt 1. Ghibellino, Roberto Andreghetti 1:13,1 (Pine Chip - Special Caf) 2. Opal Viking, Jorma Kontio 1:13,2 3. Gironda As, Francesco Facci 1:13,2 4. Paul November, Wilhelm Paal 1:13,5 5. Fitzgerald Bigi, Andrea Guzzinati 1:13,5 6. Algiers Hall, Roberto Vecchione 1:13,9 7. Iulius del Ronco, Davide Nuti rp. ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica premio renzo orlandi modena italy ghibellino opal viking algiers hall ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, premio, renzo, orlandi, modena, italy, ghibellino, opal, viking, algiers, hall, fitzgerald, bigi

LOUISIANA DOWNS July 23, 2009 RACE 2 [02:13]
... "Louisiana Downs" Harrahs "horse racing" thoroughbred "KDS One" "Donald Simington" wagering betting "order of finish"
Tags: Louisiana Downs, Harrahs, horse racing, thoroughbred, K D S One, Donald Simington, wagering, betting, order of finish

1993 Beverly D Stakes - Flawlessly (Via Disqualification) [03:19]
for a foul, there was plenty of booing among the 17000 fans - and an initial replay of the race was of little help. An overhead shot of the race didn't really show the foul, and that caused many of the fans to voice their displeasure. Trainer Charlie Whittingham, 80, who has won more money and stakes than anybody, was upset that the fans booed his champion mare ... arlington park horse racing flawlessly harbor view farm chris mccarron Charlie Whittingham dave johnson lets elope skimble Via ...
Tags: arlington, park, horse, racing, flawlessly, harbor, view, farm, chris, mccarron, Charlie, Whittingham, dave, johnson, lets, elope, skimble, Via, Borghese

ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-07-15, Race 9 [01:20]
6; 2-Mike's Gust O (KY), Straight, M, finished 7; 3-Tchefuncte Charlie (KY), Campbell, J, finished 8; 4-Begriff (MD), Sterling, Jr., L, finished 2; 5-Coughsgone (KY), Emigh, C, finished 4; 6-Esperanto (IL), Karlsson, I, finished 5; 7-Tokyo Bay (KY), Graham, J, finished 11; 8-First Guess (KY), Sanchez, D, finished 3; 9-Ready to Romp (KY), Riggs, T, finished 9; 10-Seven Mile Bridge (LA), Bridgmohan, J, finished 1; 11-Sweet Fleet Feet (FL), Lopez, U, finished 10; ... horse racing ARLINGTON PARK ...
Tags: horse, racing, ARLINGTON, PARK

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