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Hanoverian gelding Ube jumping, [00:28]
Me riding my new / potential horse ube , My first time taking him over an oxer . 5 year old pure bred hanoverian gelding . rose grey
Tags: Jumping (EP), Jumping, Jumping (horse), Horses, Riding, Dressage, Hunter, Equestrian, Quarter, Equestrianism, Western, Hunting, Horseback, Racing, Saddle, Pleasure, Equine, Training, Eventing, Horse Racing, Thoroughbred, Barrel, Stables, Lesson, Paint, Ra

BORN AND BRED The story and achievments, leading up to the Boxing Hall of Fame. [15:05]
The story and achievments, leading up to the Boxing Hall of Fame, of this first Lil' 8 to 9 year old Boxer from Bethlehem Pa.
Tags: Alec, Morales...., BORN, AND, BRED, Boxing, sports, Fame, tourism, Travel, Adventure, Hall, Events, Destination, Round, Erik Morales, Museum, racing, Culture, Nature, Horse, Hulk, Horses, Cruise, Landmark, Jumping, Riding, Pony, Dressage, Hogan, Holiday,

"Equestrian" [03:28]
...It's been 5 years since I started riding horses... Throughout these 5 years, I've learned so many things and ridden over 20 horses. Every one of those horses each taught me something different. The horses shown in the video all have the most special places in my hearts. They were the ones who taught me the most valuable lessons, all of which I still think of today. Here's a list of what each one taught me: ~Cowboy: Cowboy taught me how to love a horse. He showed me that new horses don't have to be intimidating if you get to know them first, and build a bond. ~Quincy: Quincy taught be to be the leader. While this is true, he never let me get too pushy; horses have their bad days too, ~Titan: Titan taught me to be sensitive towards the needs of horses. His shy, skittish personality attracted me to him, and we each learned together about our strengths and weaknesses. ~Dexter: Dexter taught me how to mentor the horse. He showed me that training wasn't just about getting the horse to do what you want, when you want, but about the horse UNDERSTANDING what each weight shift, leg movement, and sound mean. ~Keener: Keener taught me to forgive and forget. The first time I rode this horse, he was in a bit of a paniced state. I ended up falling off after ** I ** got the wrong distance to an oxer. I needed 6 stitches after that fall, but the next week I was able to get back up on him and ride him perfectly. Keener is honestly one of the sweetest horses I have ever met. Finally ...
Tags: Equestrian, horses, horse, equestrians, we, dream, surf's, up, score, legends, show, jumping, dressage, eventing, racing, Equestrianism, Riding, Pony, Hunter, Western, Horse Racing, Barrel, Quarter, Arabian, Jump, Horseback, Saddle, Pleasure, Equine, Trai

DZIEŃ 53, gonitwa 3 (tor 3,2; 9°C) [01:30]
Zdecydowanym faworytem gonitwy był trenowany i dosiadany przez Emila Zaharieva Klan. W dystansie galopował w czołówce razem z Tojadem i Arandą. Ostatnia biegła mocno jechana Turpeja. Na prostej Klan wygrywał, jak chciał. Aranda wyprzedziła Tojada iw koncówce jej drugie miejsce również było niezagrożone. Trzecie miejsce wywalczyła Jasna, a czwarte Tojadowi odebrał debiutujący Moxer. Klan został wyhodowany w Golejewku i jest własnością tej stadniny.
Tags: Dzień, 53, Tor, Służewiec, 19.10.2011, wyścigi, konne, polish, horse, racing

Jumping Course w/ Ansley [01:38]
having a jumping lesson w/ Ansley :) and sorry about the beginning (forgot the lesn cover was on, oops!) he was such a good boy :) i just love him :)
Tags: jumping, riding, jumpers, course, grey, horse, horses, equestrian, english, rider, riders, lesson, training, oxer, vertical, 3'6, thoroughbred, off, track, green, young

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