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RTD WON 3rd Race 1 6 13 AQU [08:09]
RTD WON the 3rd race Sunday, January 6th at The Big A! Bruce said the strategy was: win the race to the first turn and beat the #1 horse out of the gate then see if you can hold on to the lead all the way to the wire. Jose " Save 5 lbs" Ortiz executed the plan to perfection and got RTD to relax a bit mid-stretch so he had a bit left when he needed it at the wire, which he certainly did! So RTD won his first open condition and moves up to the second open condition. So far so good ~ he came out of the race fine, so we are good to go!

Amazing basketball shots : Absolute Perfection (vol. 2) [03:12]
Crazy basketball shots by The MS Ballas. Absolute Perfection. PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!! and yes they are all real.' the song is let it rock by Kevin Rudolf. we dont own any copy rights.'
Tags: funny, awesome, john, kalab, matthew, sam, outside, hilarious, basketball, shots, bored, you, comedy, think, can, random, yo, Sports, Humour, Pool, Amazing, Trick, Head, You Can, Total, Fun, Humor, Eclipse, Bonnie, Ball, Horse, Throw, Jokes, Laugh, Table,

Zenyatta: The Inspiration [03:42]
This is a tribute to Zenyatta. Undoubtbly one of the greatest racehorses to ever run, Zenyatta is a beautiful, strong, mare who inspired me to always do my best. Along with Rachel Alexandra, Ruffian, Goldikova and Havre de Grace, Zenyatta truly gives meaning to the words "Girl Power." Her only loss was by a nose and she came back to defeat the horse that beat her, claiming the well deserved title of Horse of the Year over Blame, who is an amazing horse in his own right. The song is by R. Kelly and the clips are from NTRA.
Tags: Zenyatta, horse, horses, Racing, Breeders, Cup, of, the, Year, race, Worlds, Greatest, Beautiful, Perfection

[THRIVE] [00:21]
Mep part. Enjoy it or get over it... plain and simple :D :P
Tags: jumpingperfection121, MEP, part, horse, pony, showjumping, beginner, novice, cross, country, eventing, dressage, riding, horses, equine, love, my, ponies, saddle, collegiate, barrel, racing, pole, bending, fly, rihanna, nicki, minaj, marrylegs28

Dakota Phone Predicting 2011 Breeders Cup Win on March 3 [00:34]
Dakota Phone Predicting 2011 Breeders Cup Win on March 3 2011. This is the Second time he's done this. I worked My protocol on this horse to perfection, leading up to the big race in 2010. To think that on the Thoro-Graph Breeders Cup 2010 Seminar they said he had no shot. He never ran quick enough to contest but they didn't know about the LaserMan angle. That day he ran a new top of negative one and three quarters. When LaserMan is allowed to work on a horse and follow protocol, amazing things happen.

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