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Short track COPPA ITALIA-3 + CAMPIONATI ITALIANI ASSOLUTI - Pinerolo, Italy - 5-6 February 2011 [01:50]
Final 1000 meter SenJunA Men B 1. 1 21 Matteo COMPAGNONI BOR 1:44.818 2. 2 139 Francesco PALLA AEV 1:44.902 3. 3 9 Matteo MARTINI AGO 1:45.764 4. 4 77 Federico SALZANI MSC 1:47.375

Team Kimberleigh - In Loving Memory of Zips Profit aka P Man [02:45]
A Short video I have put together in memory of my beloved Profit who passed away Jan 19 2011. He was an incredible athlete, 22 years old and such a gentle giant. He brought so much happiness to my life and it was always an incredible rush to run barrels on him. They say every barrel racer hopes she can find the one horse who can win that World Championship but I dont believe thats true for all of us. Profit was a World Champion to me, yes he won some races and even won money but more importantly he was a true champion. He wont be well known or famous and hundreds of girls didnt scream and get excited when he entered the arena and his name was called, that is except for one Thanks for giving me the ride of a lifetime everytime my P Man. You were my Hot Shot, My Scamper, my Secretariat all into one! "In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray, afraid of nothing, when the trumpet sounds." (Job 39: 21-24}
Tags: Barrel Racing, Team Kimberleigh, In Memory Of A Beloved Horse, Martha Josey Clinic, NBHA Youth World, All American Barrel Race

Homeage to Zenyatta - a Compilation of Photos of The Queen's Undefeated Career [02:55]
Zenyatta - the name sends chills down my spine! I have just become one of the many "Zenny-fans" and I always think of her when I see my own horse, who looks so much like her. Cheers for Zenyatta and good luck in the Breeder's Cup next month - I want to see another blanket of gold and purple flowers over her back in the winner's circle! Any feedback is appreciated, just as long as it's clean and appropriate. Thanks for watching!
Tags: winn, dixie, zenyatta, thoroughbred, racing, horse, mike, smith, breeder's, cup, run

DZIEŃ 35, gonitwa 9 (tor 3,5 ; 18°C) [04:19]
W biegu o Nagrodę Chyszowa prowadzenie objęła Parma. Jednak w połowie przeciwległej prostej klacz doznała krwotoku i odpadła na koniec stawki. Pierwsza ostatnią przeszkodę pokonała Księżna Vegas, a za nią skoczyły Rose Senza Spine i Negril. Księżna Vegas pod Pavlem Peprną zmierzała po pewne zwycięstwo, a finiszujący Negril wyprzedził Rose Senza Spine, której trzecia lokata była sporą sensacją. Czwarte miejsce zajął Noridon . Trenowana przez Janusza Kozłowskiego Księżna Vegas została wyhodowana przez Krzysztofa Dobosza. Właścicielami klaczy są państwo J. i K. Doboszowie.
Tags: Dzień 35, Tor Służewiec, 29.08.2010, wyścigi konne, polish, horse, racing

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