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Who That Girl? [02:03]
So umm This is Rayne and one of her 7 amazing horses Tuffy! he is an amazing pleasure horse (obviously) and this is him being bad... haha but umm i plan to show him like once this yer for fun:D i know my stirrups are to short when i was riding we just werent in the mood to change em. but incase you havent noticed my eq has gotten better:)

Can you Handle it!?! CONTEST CLOSED (JumpingPerfection121&Horselover92998) [01:53]
So here's the deal entries due by January 21! Jumpers: You must look nice over the fences. You need to have a nice even pace no too fast. We are looking for steady leg position and good jumps from the horse. Western: We accept barrel racers, reiners, western pleasure people, and any type of gaming. Barrel Racers: WE WANT SPEED! No knocked down barrels. Reiners:Smooth patterns with smooth transitions. Western Pleasurers: We want slow and smooth. Not floppy. It needs to look effortless.Gamers: Same as barrel racers. On the Flat: You need to have walk, trot, sitting trot, canter, and an (optional hand-gallop) All need to be smooth with good equitation and with good attitude from the horse. Post Entries Below!!! X-TRA POINTS FOR PROMOS!! Clips from: *postandrailcreative *abix213 Enter Enter Enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enter as many divisions as you like! [Disclaimer: All music is purchased and is not to be reproduced]
Tags: Contest, Enter, jumpingperfection121, Horselover92998, you, need, to, horse, horse's, jumping, huntseat, western, barrel, racing, showjumping, stadium, pony, xc, horses, riding, stallion, dressage, stunt, drift

1-17-11 [01:29]
So yes haha i rode today. MY new saddle came today also it is the one i use on Apache and its amazing. so umm yes the big red horse is Clifford toras full brother. he is the biggest goof ball ever but an amazing pleasure horse hahaso yes tora is starting barrels since he gets to go to the gaming shows with apache and i. he is learning really fast and he has gotten a zillion times better. anyway comment rate and subscribe
Tags: horses, horse, barrel, racing, pleasure, gaming, fast, paint, apha, aqha, american, quarter, appaloosacrazy17

Pleasure Perfection Entry-Barrel Racing [02:37]
HI, I'm Shelbie :) I live in Texas. i have been riding horses since I was 2 years old. I am a barrel racer and have done it since I started. I'm working on going Pro once my new filly is finished. I help my coach/aunt tune up and train barrel horses. I have been competing a long time and for the past 3 years I have been winning on Barbie, the horse you see in the video. I hope these videos will be useful in showing how to barrel race and hope they are exciting at the same time. Also I do not have a very good editing program at the time, but I soon will! I have done the best I can do with iMovie, which is all I have for now. I would really love to be part of this channel and have a ton of ideas and footage to use not just with barrel racing but I can throw some team roping and other western events in the mix also. Well anyways I hope you enjoy this video :) (I do not own music!! ) Faint by Linkin Park
Tags: barrel racing, rodeo, pole bending, horse, western, barrel racing music video

clare sleding.wmv [02:33]
Registered Arabian mare is for sale. If you want a fun to ride horse, this one is for you. Wether it be in the ring or on the trail or around a barrel, she will put a smile on your face. She just loves to go. The dog was not helping out much, she thinks the horse ought to go where she wants it too! She has done just about it all. No spook or buck, no bite or kick. I am not a professional, these are for fun and for demonstration only.
Tags: Arab, Arabian, Omoksee, rodeo, parade, sports, horse, sleding, showing, english, western, pleasure, equitation, jumping, trail, ridding, safe, hunting, barrel, racing, pole, bending, keg, race, and, stake, keyhole

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