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Maxance McManamy & Project Runway 1st place Galway Downs 1 star Horse Trials Nov 2010 [14:24]
Maxance Mcmanamy & Project Runway on course at the one star at Galway DOwns in November 2010. Footage provided by RNSVIDEOMEDIA.
Tags: horse, horses, xc, cross, country, three, day, excitement, equine, jump, jumping, dressage, action, speed, equestrian, event, eventing, riding, fun, pony, ponies, hot, triathalon, crazy, steeplechase, extreme, sport, racing, Olympics, amazing, babe, falls

Equestrianism- "Hysteria" | 1900Subscribers! [01:30]
Watch in HD! Well howdy-doosles you varmits! ^^ Just so you know ahead of time, I have Simonella. *gigglesinsanely* It's highly contagious, so I wouldn't watch any of my videos with blue eyed paints if I were you. {Jk-sorta-!} This vidlet's pretty much been my weekend project, seeing as though I have some HUGE news for you guys that's some exciting shizzzzz!!! ^O^ Alright *simmersnerves*, for the past year, starting May of 2009, I have been using a very chopped down little editing program called Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0. Some of you are familiar with it, and know the horrors of only having the icky-tatious 4 layers to work with. It's horrendous- LET ME TELL YOU! OO I, being the creative, spontaneous lunatic that I is/are/am stalked online retailers and such for good buys (because I'm not a very rich person -financially anyhoo-), and finally got Vegas Pro for a nice deal! ^_^ If you noticed, all of my videos only used simpler effects and such in comparison to this one- MOVIE STUDIO SUX!!!!! XP *Notice I don't ever answer questions about software, clips, etc... xD I've never once told anyone that I use Pro (don't judge meh puleeeeez) ^^ Yup, weekend project. Just got Vegas Pro in the last week, but my computer's an old fogey and won't install it vv So I'm currently on my dad's Lapperdoodle flying away at the 3D and masking options I never had. OO It's exciting... oh so exciting........ Muahaha! This is my first full attempt (aside from 8livelovelaughRide8's MEP part ...
Tags: equestrianism, hysteria, reining, dressage, show, jumping, backstretchrunner, equestrian, horse, barrel, racing

Lone Star Park Edit 2 [02:19]
My 1st Project For ENG. Interview At Lone Star Park In Grand Prairie
Tags: sports, horses, outdoors, Lone, Star, Park, Kristen, Shehorn, Quarter, Horse, Racing, Art, Institute, Interview, Project

Lone Star Park Edit 1 [02:01]
My 1st Project For ENG. Interview At Lone Star Park In Grand Prairie This Is The First Edit
Tags: sports, horses, outdoors, Lone, Star, Park, Kristen, Shehorn, Quarter, Horse, Racing, Art, Institute, Interview, Project

Genting, NYRA Ceremonial Check Presentation at Aqueduct (Part 2) [06:51]
Genting New York presented The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) with a $25 million ceremonial check Friday, October 22 at Aqueduct Racetrack, the future site of Genting's Resorts World New York Casino, in a gesture representing the emerging partnership between the two organizations. The ceremonial check demonstrates that Genting is prepared to honor New York State's commitment to loan NYRA $25 million. "Genting is proud to be able to assist NYRA as it rolls out significant improvements that will lead to an even stronger horse racing industry around the state," said Genting New York President Mike Speller. "Moving forward, Genting is eager to work closely with NYRA to transform the current facility into a casino and racetrack that will be the envy of the country." With work on Resorts World set to begin as soon as next Thursday, Genting and NYRA are poised to begin Aqueduct's transformation into a world class racing and gaming facility. "Today's ceremony demonstrates the strong relationship that NYRA and Genting have already begun to form," said NYRA Executive VP and COO Hal Handel. "NYRA representatives have been working daily with Genting executives, architects, engineers and construction contractors on this very exciting project. A successful casino at Aqueduct will provide the entire New York thoroughbred industry with much needed revenue and will allow NYRA to increase purses and undertake important capital improvement projects at Aqueduct, Belmont Park, and ...
Tags: genting, nyra, horse, racing, new, york, mike, speller, hal, handel, vlt, casino, resort, world, nyc, aqueduct, check, presentation

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