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The Worst Harness Racing Accident Ever [00:53]
You may have seen this harness racing accident before but this video is of higher quality and offers a more dramatic angle and reply. It's the worst harness racing accident I've ever witnessed and I would really like to know the conditions of the horses and drivers involved. ... "harness racing accident" accident crash "horse racing" tumble "roger houston" "little brown jug" woodbine "niagra pacing series" somebeachsomewhere
Tags: harness racing accident, accident, crash, horse racing, tumble, roger houston, little brown jug, woodbine, niagra pacing series, somebeachsomewhere

John Campbell in Horrific Accident [00:46]
over the hub rail at Blue Bonnets raceway when a horse and driver avoid one accident, and in the process, become the cause of another. Watch world champion Laag cause the first accident, setting off the chain reaction, then John Campbell's horse, who runs without driver, flips over the hub rail. Fortunately, neither driver nor horse was hurt. ... "Harness Racing accident" accident crash flip "horse crash" "horse racing" "john campbell" horrific extreme laag "blue bonnets" "light pole" "hub rail" ...
Tags: Harness Racing accident, accident, crash, flip, horse crash, horse racing, john campbell, horrific, extreme, laag, blue bonnets, light pole, hub rail

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-12-18, Race 8 [01:24]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-12-18, Race 8: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Givonna Alyssa (FL), Nunez, E, finished 2; 2-Full of Gut (FL), Jurado, L, finished 1; 3-The Pia Angel (KY), Cruz, M, finished 4; 4-Snake Driver (FL), Henry, Sr., W, finished 7; 5-Trippi's Sailor (FL), Coa, E, finished 5; 6-Cuvette (KY), Saez, L, finished 6; 7-Kathy's Ribbons (FL), Lopez, P, finished 3; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE COURSE"
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-12-14, Race 6 [01:31]
, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-12-14, Race 6: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1A-Nana's Appeal (FL), Cruz, M, finished 4; 2-Value Driver (KY), Henry, Sr., W, finished 7; 2B-Bonk (ID), Kenny, J, finished 5; 3-Starship Voyage (FL), Jurado, L, finished 9; 4-Super Whipper (FL), Trujillo, E, finished 6; 5-Great Blade (KY), Lezcano, A, finished 8; 6-Prince Steve (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 2; 7-Il Divo (FL), Saez, L, finished 1; 8-Punto Fijo (URU), Dominguez, E, finished 3; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE COURSE" ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

Samsawinner-Nfld-12-12-09 [03:23]
The 3-year-old gelding trotter, Samsawinner, owned by Timura Trotters Inc., wins a $2800 condition-claiming trot in 1:59.3h, setting a new lifetime mark for the horse, at Northfield Park for trainer Dee Hotton and driver Dan Charlino. ... harness racing trotting trotter trot pace pacing nfld ohio standardbred horse racehorse timura deehottonstable
Tags: harness, racing, trotting, trotter, trot, pace, pacing, nfld, ohio, standardbred, horse, racehorse, timura, deehottonstable

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