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Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen 秘鲁红拳协会, 长庚志福傅枯恩(1) [02:24]
Hung Gar style contains many forms with and without weapons. Originally contained only the form Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kune or "taming the tiger in gung character", which Dating back to the Siu Lam Temple in Fukien, and which actually contains two forms into one. Kune Gung Ji is the first part, a basic form contains the fundamental stances and techniques style, and Fook Fu Kune, a form of fierce combat using these techniques. The shape of the Five Animals (Ng Yin Kune) and how of the 10 forms (Yin Kune Sap) also called "five Animals and Five Elements, also highlights the dances "hǔ qiǎngduàn xin Hei, 黑虎抢断心black tiger steals the heart, are among those that contain the original techniques of Hung Gar and taught after mastering the Kune Gung Ji Fuk Fu. The origin of these forms is uncertain. Ng Yin Kune contains the techniques of the Tiger (Fu), Dragon (Lung), Snake (She), Leopard (Pao) and Crane (Hok), providing the technical and tactical practitioner different characteristics, based on imitation the spirit and the fighting technique of these animals. The Dragon provides the spirit and internal energy, tiger strengthens muscles and tendons and provides fierceness and power, attacking with palm and fingers, leopard provides speed and strengthens bones, with tactics surprise and vicious, the snake provides technical vulnerabilities with the fingertips and lock movements, and the crane provides balance hang-block technique, kick and attack peak crane. Sap how Yin Kune contains ...
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Railway Day Stakes [02:52]
Date: 08-08-10 Racetrack: Nal'chik Hippodrome Reserved for: 3yo Dist.: 2000 Category: Conditions race Prize: RUR 15 000 Time: 16-30 Place Horse Num. Time Margin Owner Trainer Jockey Weight Prize (RUR) 1 info Russia Strong Clap (Caitano / Suspense) 1 2.00,73 Tochiyev Gelany Alokov Aslangery Alievich Pshukov Amir Rezuanovich 58 5 000 2 info Russia Paulina (Almaz / Psinabo ) 5 2.01,33 3 Tumenov ZR Kardanov Valeriy Askerkhanovich Yagyayev Isa 56 3 750 3 info Russia Justas ( / ) 2 2.02,04 3 1/2 Vorokov VH Hamizov Kazbek Kursakov LZ 58 2 250 4 info Russia Tsarevna (Simbioz / Itzeriya) 6 2.02,83 4 Shaptukaev Said Shaptukaev Said Sukhanov Denis 56 1 050 5 info Russia Unnat (Najib / ) 8 2.08,54 dead heat Elbrus Equestrian Club Goplachev Murat Shihbievich Kashirgov Zalim Zamirovich 58 6 info Russia Torzhok (Pink Floid / Zhizn) 4 2.11,13 dist. Fayzullaev BM Kardanov Valeriy Askerkhanovich Unashkhotlov Azret-Aly Musovich 58 7 info Russia Skripach (Melis / Moskvitchka) 11 2.17,76 dist. Tkhamadokov Khazre-Ali Alokov Aslangery Alievich Shogenov A. 58 8 info Russia Prime (Tagrand / Burza) 12 2.26,77 dist. Shukhastanova AH Gaunov Rizuan Hamizov Kazbek Ruslanovich 58 info Russia Khabi (Born In Deauville / ) 3 non-runner Abazov AZ Alokov Aslangery Alievich 56 info Russia Spartanets (Temryuk / Sudoma) 7 non-runner Elbrus Equestrian Club Goplachev Murat Shihbievich 58 info Russia Oderjimyi (Mindal / ) 9 non-runner Gekiyev RT Gekiyev RT Simanov A. 56 info Ireland Propan (Noverre / Windies) 10 ...
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