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Seattle Slew's 1977 Triple Crown [05:44]
Me filming my TV with my camcorder...the VHS "Jewels of the Triple Crown" which I love and sadly you can't buy as a first copy was destroyed...I bought a second copy and the quality is lacking. But I still wanted to give it a try. I had hoped they'd come out with a DVD since to date we still haven't had any Triple Crown winner after Affirmed. In my view Slew was greater than next year's champion--his times were faster, and twice he beat the younger Affirmed. Yet for some reason it is Affirmed people remember. Not me. I was a Slew fan. I went to Longacres Race Track after Slew retired--he went to several tracks for a farewell gallop, and I got to see him. An experience I'll never forget.
Tags: Seattle Slew, Racehorse, Triple Crown, 1977, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont, undefeated, winner, champion, horse, racing

Can you Handle it!?! CONTEST CLOSED (JumpingPerfection121&Horselover92998) [01:53]
So here's the deal entries due by January 21! Jumpers: You must look nice over the fences. You need to have a nice even pace no too fast. We are looking for steady leg position and good jumps from the horse. Western: We accept barrel racers, reiners, western pleasure people, and any type of gaming. Barrel Racers: WE WANT SPEED! No knocked down barrels. Reiners:Smooth patterns with smooth transitions. Western Pleasurers: We want slow and smooth. Not floppy. It needs to look effortless.Gamers: Same as barrel racers. On the Flat: You need to have walk, trot, sitting trot, canter, and an (optional hand-gallop) All need to be smooth with good equitation and with good attitude from the horse. Post Entries Below!!! X-TRA POINTS FOR PROMOS!! Clips from: *postandrailcreative *abix213 Enter Enter Enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enter as many divisions as you like! [Disclaimer: All music is purchased and is not to be reproduced]
Tags: Contest, Enter, jumpingperfection121, Horselover92998, you, need, to, horse, horse's, jumping, huntseat, western, barrel, racing, showjumping, stadium, pony, xc, horses, riding, stallion, dressage, stunt, drift

my first time doing jump courses! 18" - 2' 3"(: {critique?} [01:54]
READDDDDD: -i was jumping in a dressage saddle! i was originally going to have a dressage lesson with no stirrups, then we changed it to jumping without thinking that i had a dressage saddle! haha. -i don't jump that much, i usually ride dressage. but i really like jumping this horse cause he doesn't canter them and get excited. ;p -the high end of the jumps are 2' 3", and of course my horse had to jump that side the most. but that's okay cause that was the highest i've ever jumped so i got used to it.(: -the first course was WAY better because zip wasn't lazy and going to a walk after every jump. xD -this was my first lesson doing actual jumping courses. usually i just do single jumps! Zip is a 15 hand Quarter Horse gelding. He is a rescue, too. He is the top scoring dressage lesson horse at our barn, and he is a great jumper even though he has never been shown it it. CRITIQUING IS ACCEPTABLE. JUST REMEMBER WHAT I WROTE UP THERE! I USUALLY RIDE DRESSAGE, I WAS IN A DRESSAGE SADDLE, AND 2" 3' WAS THE HIGHEST I HAVE EVER JUMPED.
Tags: dressage, jumping, jumper, hunter, seat, equitation, horse, horses, horseback, horse-back, riding, combined, training, quarter, critique, show, hunt, horse training, cheval, lesson, racing, review, stallion

Tana Poppino - NFR 2010 - Falling off Horse [00:35]
Okay.. I'm sorry, but Tana has a weird riding style! She sits way forward in the turns and it doesn't look like she has a good seat. Not saying that's why she fell off... just making an observation. :)
Tags: tana poppinp, nfr 2010, barrel racing, rodeo, falling off horse

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