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Dream..My new horse!!!! [02:09]
Well as you all know guinness is sold :( and i still have Mrs Blue after all the training and hard work we decided to sell her but then i was given the chance to give her to my sister, so i jumped at the chance and she now belongs to her and another girls has her on load 3/4 times a week because my sister isn't fully committed to have her full time. Well lets cut to the chase, i have a new horse DREAM!!!!! she absolutely gorgeous! she 3 and a half, 15.3 irish thoroughbred, her father is the great arakan (USA) for those familiar with racing! He is shown in the video. Dream was bought for £10000 and raced 3times and then they decided that she had developed to much bone and was never going to be any good to be a flat racer! she was then no longer any use to the 'race lovers' and just left, my riding teacher was out looking and heard of a place where horse were going for good prices she went and bought Dream, i have her on trail and then i'm going to buy her!!! she is the most laid back 3 and a half year old x racer i have ever met, she well, just a dream to own and i wouldn't swap her! she's learning fast as well! HELP ME!!!! i need to think of a show name for her and i can't choose so help!!! -what dreams are made of -day dreamer -be my dreamer -first class dream -dakota dream -the american dream -sonador, which means dreamer -seeking the dream -yesterdays dream girl -tangled up in a dream -small thought big dream -dream girls -dream team -livin' the dream -dream maker
Tags: Dream, race, horse, arakan, usa, american, blue, guinness, horses, pony

1998 ムーラン・ド・ロンシャン賞 Desert Prince シーキングザパール5着 [02:00]
シーキングザパールはモーリス・ド・ギース賞をレコードタイムで優勝した。 その後のムーラン・ド・ロンシャン賞は渋った馬場と他陣営の「ラビット(ペースメーカー)」の執拗なマークに泣き5着に終わった。
Tags: 1998年, ムーラン・ド・ロンシャン賞, Prix, du, Moulin, de, Longchamp, デザートプリンス, wins:, Desert, Prince, シーキングザパール, 5th:, Seeking, the, Pearl, オリビエ・ペリエ騎手, O・ペリエ騎手, Olivier, Pesli

2005 フェブラリーステークス(G1) メイショウボーラー 新星現る [01:41]
Tags: 2005年, フェブラリーステークス, メイショウボーラー, wins:, Meisho, Bowler, シーキングザダイヤ, 2nd:, Seeking, The, Dia, 3rd:, ヒシアトラス, アドマイヤドン, lost:, Admire, Don, フェブラリーS, 春のダート

TVG Profiles Kentucky Derby contender Dublin [01:55]
4-time Kentucky Derby winning trainer D. Wayne Lukas sends out Dublin in this years Derby, seeking his first win in the race since 1999.
Tags: kentucky derby, tvg, horse racing, thoroughbred, horse, awesome act, wayne lukas, dublin

LOUISIANA DOWNS September 24, 2009 RACE 2 [01:39]
... "Louisiana Downs" Harrahs "horse racing" thoroughbred "Seeking Ms Shelley" "Francisco Torres" wagering betting "order of finish"
Tags: Louisiana Downs, Harrahs, horse racing, thoroughbred, Seeking Ms Shelley, Francisco Torres, wagering, betting, order of finish

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