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Betfair System Method [00:35]
INFO: Fellow Struggling Punter What you're about to read here, could honestly change your life. I am going to ask for 5 minutes of your time while I tell you exactly what I have to say - It's big and it's worth your while. It has finally been cracked. It's not a myth. It's 100% fact and you can see so just by looking at a few of the screenshots of his account, but how long have you been struggling on the betting scene now? How many more losing days can you handle? Why are you still trying? I'll tell you Exactly why! It's quite a simple reason why people don't just pack it in - The fact of the matter is there IS money to be made from betting and on Betfair. Everyone knows that it's possible. Everyone keeps trying just to break into that group of punters who make a consistent profit! " And today, YOU are going to become one of them "
Tags: project, Betfair, Methods, betting, systems, system, sport, football, arbitrage, tips, sports, help, horse, racing, tricks, extreme, race, winner, tipster, nap

▵:ℍigher:▵ [00:44]
Lesson on Evaire. =) She was wonderful! ♥ So yeah. I really like this video, even though it's pretty simple. ps Epic fail at the end. XD
Tags: horse, jumping, thoroughbred, off, the, track, ottb, mare, jump, evaire, lady, guinevere, bebe, ani, ride, rider, riding, hunter

I Wanna Go [HD] [00:32]
1080p HD PLEASEE!!! Looks soo much better that way! First off I would like to say... HOLY MOTHER TRUCKING SHIZNITS!!! *arms flailing around in the air* Oo So as you all know I haven't have Vegas :( in like 6 freaking months!!! :'( So I found out Vegas released The Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0 and I got the trial! :D :D :D But it was soo hard to use D: because I haven't used Vegas in like.... 6 MONTHS! :O and I've never used this version before... I tried editing the way I like, nice and simple, but I ended but editing to this song even simpler than I wanted :( Oh Well! So I hope you like it! Tell me whatcha think! Oh and I gotta check up on everything that's been going on with you all so talk to me :D
Tags: oxgrabmanexo, horses, horse, racing, jumping, dressage, hunter, equestrian, western, riding, barbaro, zenyatta, curlin, kentucky, derby, belmont, preakness, stakes, street, sense, rachel, alexandra

What's the most profitable way for you to stake on horse racing? [10:42]
What's the most profitable way to stake on horse racing? Hi There As you probably know there are many different ways you stake when it comes to sports betting and horse racing. Fixed staking, staking to liability, staking as a percentage of your bank are the 3 most popular methods that people use, but then you can of course use staking recovery plans and even staking plans that try to protect you from losing large parts of your bank. Staking plans and systems aside I found something interesting the other day when I compared the results from the Simple Lays selections using fixed staking, staking to liability and staking as a percentage of your bank. It's quite interesting to see the profit difference from the 3 different ideas and how one seems to work far better than the other. I won't spoil the surprise just watch the video and you can see what happens. Thanks for watching. Malcolm "The System Mason"
Tags: horse, racing, betting, staking, profit, betfair

More winning with Ability-X Ratings, without handicapping [05:34]
Mountaineer Racetrack 6/13/2011 - A look at the long standing percentages, and how you can win with them without any re-handicapping. Another sound betting method that horse racing doesn't tell you about. Also, another simple superfecta spelled out with Ability-X Ratings.
Tags: mountaineer racetrack, horse racing, betting, winning, handicapping, no, athome horseplayer, Ability-X Ratings

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