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Finding Happy Wednesday Episode 10 Horse Racing [04:28]
A very wacky episode where the gang meets singer-songwriter Ben Semmens and the usual odd balls.

Finding Happy Wednesday Episode 8 Horse Racing [06:44]
Justin and Natalie are back with Sarika! In this episode they meet singer-songwriter Ben Semmens from Wales and meet some really interesting- and very cool people at The Beer Garden!

Όλα τα γκολ της γυναικείας ομάδας του ΠΑΟΚ 2010-2011 part 2 [13:09]
Όλα τα γκολ της γυναικείας ομάδας του ΠΑΟΚ 2010-2011 part 2 Τα βίντεο των γκολ ανήκουν στον paokws και τον ευχαριστούμε και συγχαίρουμε για την δουλεία που έπραξε. Αναλυτικά τα παιχνίδια που έδωσε ο ΠΑΟΚ και φαίνονται στον βίντεο: 14η 06/02/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Αμαζόνες Δράμας 10-0 15η 13/02/2011 Βόλος 2004 - ΠΑΟΚ 0-2 16η 20/02/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Άρης 5-1 17η 27/02/1011 ΠΑΟΚ - Πανσερραϊκή 4-0 18η 13/03/2011 ΡΕΠΟ 19η 20/03/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Οδυσσέας Γλυφάδας 2-0 20ή 27/03/2011 Νέοι Εργοτέλη - ΠΑΟΚ 1-2 21η 03/04/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Αμαζόνες Καλυβίων 8-0 22η 10/04/2011 Ελπίδες Καρδίτσας - ΠΑΟΚ 0-1 23η 17/04/2011 Αβάντες Χαλκίδας - ΠΑΟΚ 0-2 24η 08/05/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Ατρόμητος Αθηνών 3-1 25η 15/05/2011 Καλλιθέα - ΠΑΟΚ 1-7 26η 22/5/2011 ΠΑΟΚ - Αίγινα 2-0 και η τελική βαθμολογία (οι πρώτοι τρεις): 1) ΠΑΟΚ 24Ν 0Ι 0Η 72Β 2) Βόλος 2004 17Ν 4Ι 3Η 55Β 3) Καλλιθέα 14Ν 5Ι 5Η 47Β
Tags: horse, Sanchez (singer), Greece, Cup, Original, Iphone, Song, Horses, Work, Acoustic, Guitar, Soccer, Singing, Songwriter, Original Song, Office, Folk, Jumping, Folk Music, Association Football, Artist, Unsigned, Riding, Pony, PAOK, Musician, Idea, Compos

Saphira and I doing speed events!! [01:21]
The video clips are from different times and different events, one is plug (the night time clip), one is barrels (the dusty clip and yes we missed third barrel lol) and the clip in the field is big race, a race ggaa tries to hold once a year for all the members that want to participate. And they were all done in an english saddle =] NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED song belongs to original singer/songwriter/owner
Tags: barrels, plug, big, race, ggaa, speed, horse, thoroughbred, dapple, gray, english

самые сильные удары со штрафного в футболе [01:21]
самые сильные удары со штрафного в современном футболе:Лэмпард Джеррард Пато "Ван Перси" Погребняк
Tags: Милан, Арсенал, stadium, racing, spoiler, brazilian singer, speedway, soccer, race, original, football, song, nascar, acoustic, guitar, songwriter, horse, track, original song, folk, artist, crash, cup, unsigned, musician, idea, composition, p

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