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2000 Hollywood Gold Cup Grade I [02:03]
race.' And when I turned for home, General Challenge was done. This is great. I think I'll keep my hair gold until Del Mar, then I'll wait until next year's Gold Cup to dye it again." General Challenge's connections attributed the loss to his time off. "He's back," his jockey Corey Nakatani said. "He laid his body down and ran hard. We asked him to do something a little different today because he's fresh, and fresh horses tend to be a little keener in a race. He came out and positioned ...
Tags: hollywood, park, horse, racing, early, pioneer, david, general, challenge, cat, thief, chester, house, victor, espinoza

FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-09-11, Race 4 [00:28]
GROUNDS, 2009-09-11, Race 4: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-First Words (LA), Lujan, A, finished 3; 2-Fast Streakin Lady (LA), McMahon, C, finished 6; 3-Val Streakin Dashing (LA), Lavergne, D, finished 2; 4-Gold Blush (LA), Beaty, D, finished 9; 5-Caddies Spirit (LA), Vega, J, finished 5; 6-Patches Patriot (LA), Ortiz, G, finished 8; 7-Jump Roy Jump (LA), Mayo, R, finished 7; 8-Moe Raculous (LA), Hamilton, J, finished 1; 9-Jess Play Together (LA), Ransom, B, finished 4; ... horse racing FAIR ...
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR, GROUNDS

2009 Ruffian Handicap Grade I [03:56]
race ... belmont park horse racing tom durkin dale romans swift temper seventh street
Tags: belmont, park, horse, racing, tom, durkin, dale, romans, swift, temper, seventh, street

FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-09-11, Race 6 [00:32]
-Finish) 1-Jess Smokin Blues (LA), Vega, J, finished 6; 2-Game Merridoc (LA), Lujan, A, finished 7; 3-Ella of Frelle (LA), Ransom, B, finished 8; 4-Spring Hill Rebel (LA), Ramirez, J, finished 4; 5-Six to Dash (LA), Dearman, J, finished 3; 6-A Toast to Lala (LA), Beaty, D, finished 9; 7-Rola Curtiss Tracks (LA), Baldillez, O, finished 5; 8-Mrjack (LA), Hamilton, J, finished 2; 9-Pc Son Shine (LA), McMahon, C, finished 10; 10-Dashing Faila (LA), Vazquez, J, finished 1; ... horse racing FAIR ...
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR, GROUNDS

ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-09-11, Race 9 [01:29]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-09-11, Race 9: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Gentle Lana (KY), Razo, Jr., E, finished 4; 3-Kissit (FL), Wade, L, finished 3; 4-Pretendica (FL), Campbell, J, finished 6; 5-Windmill Hill (KY), Graham, J, finished 7; 6-Ash (KY), Karlsson, I, finished 1; 7-Waccamaw (KY), Castanon, J, finished 1; 8-Cerveza (KY), Alvarado, J, finished 5; ... horse racing ARLINGTON PARK
Tags: horse, racing, ARLINGTON, PARK

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