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Cantona Renka 18-03-2011 [14:37]
Ik vind het prachtig om te zien hoe lekker Cantona het doet! Het ziet er allemaal heel gemakkelijk uit. Lijkt wel alsof hij totaal zijn best niet hoeft te doen voor het werk wat hij nu laat zien.En hij heeft er nog steeds zin in als ik zo naar zijn oortjes kijk tijdens het lopen! Rond de 8ste minuut van het filmpje gaat het tempo weer wat omhoog, en zo rond de 11de minuut gaat Cantona "het laatste rechte eind in" en nog een stapje harder!
Tags: entrainement, buijtene, drafsport, draf, kortebaan, derby, draver, paardensport, paarden, dravers, pikeur, en, ren, koers, korte, baan, paardenrennen, sulky, trainingsbaan, trotters, horseracing, horse, horses, riding, race, pony, beleren, jaarlingen, can

Wild Horses At Play [00:35]
Churko decided to make a horse for this month's capture the flag. I decided to homage him and his steed as my first video for the site. The song is not mine, but i think it's fitting. You can see him riding onto the battle field, petting his mighty stallion, circling the field and, finally, high fiving Will at the end of a successful campaign. Way to go Churko. I applaud you. Also...RIP horse.
Tags: crash accident racing, horses, horse fighting, steed, stallion, LARP, LARP horse, Chruko, Mike Churko

Interesting Facts- Horse Racing [02:34]
Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has been practiced over the centuries; the chariot races of Roman times are an early example, as is the contest of the steeds of the god Odin and the giant Hrungnir in Norse mythology. It is inextricably associated with gambling. The common sobriquet for Thoroughbred horse racing is The Sport of Kings. Gambling on horse races is an activity that in 2008 generated a world-wide market worth around US$115 billion
Tags: Horse, Racing

Prix Jockey 2008 -Premiere Steed [03:15]
Vincennes-France, €110.000 - 20/08/2008 - 2.700mt 1. Premiere Steed, Jean Michel Bazire 1:13,6 (Workaholic - Goulette Steed) 2. Pablo, Pierre Levesque 1:13,6 3. Perlando, Joseph Verbeeck 1:13,8 4. Pirogue Jenilou, Bernard Piton 1:13,8 5. Popinee de Timbia, Gilles Delacour 1:13,8 6. Paradis Cordiere, Jean Louis Labigne 1:13,8 7. Paris Haufor, Christian Bigeon 1:14,0 8. Prodigious, Philippe Moulin 1:14,1 9. Pim Quick, Michel Lenoir 1:14,1 10. Pitt Cade, Jean Claude Hallais 1:14,3 11. Prince Gede, Thierry Duvaldestin rp 12. Private Love, Tony le Beller rp 13. Paddy du Buisson, Yves Dreux rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, prix, jockey, vincennes, france, premiere, steed

Prix de Croix 2008 -Premiere Steed [03:24]
Vincennes-France, €100.000 - 12/01/2008 - 2.850mt 1. Premiere Steed, Franck Nivard 1:14,8 (Workaholic - Goulette Steed) 2. Prodigious, Jean Philippe Dubois 1:14,8 3. Pearl Queen, Thierry Duvaldestin 1:14,2 4. Passion du Loisir, Pierre Vercruysse 1:14,9 5. Private Love, Pierre Levesque 1:15,1 6. Perlando, Joseph Verbeeck 1:15,2 7. Timetosaygoodbye, Fredrik Larsson 1:15,2 8. Popinee de Timbia, Gilles Delacour 1:14,6 9. Pim Quick Michel Lenoir 1:15,6 290 10. Pitt Cade Jean Claude Hallais oz 87 Prince d´Espace Jean Michel Bazire
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, prix, de, croix, vincennes, france, premiere, steed, pearl, queen

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