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FAIR GROUNDS, 2010-03-28, Race 10 [01:49]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, FAIR GROUNDS, 2010-03-28, Race 10: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Cool Cat Shoes (LA), Rossi, O, finished 0; 2-City Sal (LA), Bourque, C, finished 0; 3-Michael's Boy (LA), Graham, J, finished 0; 4-Zarb's Glory (LA), Agilar, T, finished 0; 5-Yoda Dakota (LA), Jacinto, J, finished 0; 6-Selena's Storm (LA), Dugas, D, finished 0; 7-Foxy Ide (LA), Eramia, R, finished 0; 8-Mr. Bingle (LA), Perrodin, E, finished 0; 9-Too Many Details (LA), Clark, K, finished 0; 10-Da' Ghostrunner (LA), Bridgmohan, S, finished 0; 11-Unbreakable (LA), Lanerie, C, finished 0; 12-King's Minister (LA), Riquelme, J, finished 0; 13-Mr RP (LA), Hernandez, C, finished 0; 14-Mission Complete (LA), Bourque, D, finished 0;
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR GROUNDS

Tim Carroll riding a Double at Dundalk racecourse 26th February 2010 [08:21]
All Details are in the video. SUBSCRIBE! :D
Tags: Tim, Carroll, jockey, horse, dundalk, racing, races

in-running trading.avi [06:10]
which are not in shot. He chooses to back a front runner and lays it as it continues to do well for a green position on all horses, the horse then tails off. The trader then switches to the new leader and backs the hourse high whilst hovering over the 'green-up' button ready to take profit should it start to fade (remember he is watching the race) - the horse goes on to win and he takes the full 96.52 profit ... in-running horse racing trading warrington sport exchange shop proffessional trader ...
Tags: in-running, horse, racing, trading, warrington, sport, exchange, shop, proffessional, trader

Deep Impact - Tribute ディープインパクト [05:56]
details: Work time: 4 hours, Program: Vegas Music is very cheerful this time. Another note: Video should have been just 2minutes, but somehow it became painfully long. Im sorry for that! MUSIC: Killer Tracks - A Million to One Focus Music - Mortal Gladiator Denny Schneidemesser - Modern Warstory ... ディープインパクト 大震撼 競馬 "Deep Impact Tribute" "Deep Impact Horse" "Deep Impact Horse Tribute" Horseracing "Deep Impact Racehorse Tribute" "Sea the Stars" "Rachel Alexandra" Zenyatta "Horse ...
Tags: ディープインパクト, 大震撼, 競馬, Deep Impact Tribute, Deep Impact Horse, Deep Impact Horse Tribute, Horseracing, Deep Impact Racehorse Tribute, Sea the Stars, Rachel Alexandra, Zenyatta, Horse Racing

ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-07-26, Race 2 [01:25]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-07-26, Race 2: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-In the Details (IL), Emigh, C, finished 4; 2-Euromillion (IL), Graham, J, finished 5; 3-Grand Row (IL), Meier, B, finished 6; 4-Win Brother Pins (IL), Bridgmohan, J, finished 7; 5-Officer McNeal (IL), La Sala, J, finished 2; 6-Helloagainmyfriend (IL), Razo, Jr., E, finished 1; 7-Cajun Diablo (IL), Meier, R, finished 3; ... horse racing ARLINGTON PARK
Tags: horse, racing, ARLINGTON, PARK

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