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RIP - We Used To Dare To Dream [03:19]
of the words of the song which are supposed to be about the relationship between stable lads/ girls and the horses. So this is for a special horse, as well as every horse who has ever raced. The effects are intended to make it slightly hazy, so for once it's not me being bad on vegas. Also, the text is supposed to follow on from itself, so the gap between the main bit and the last line is to allow you to listen to the song. RIP boy. ... Racing "Racehorse Tribute" RIP Dream Love "Horse Racing" ...
Tags: Racing, Racehorse Tribute, RIP, Dream, Love, Horse Racing

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-11-29, Race 5 [01:45]
Jockey-Finish) 1-Crimson Carl (FL), Portillo, D, finished 7; 2-Stay Focused (FL), Fiegen, C, finished 3; 3-Generation Speed (FL), Dominguez, E, finished 6; 4-Articifer (FL), Lopez, J, finished 8; 5-Wadocashski (FL), Parish, R, finished 9; 6-Monetary Exchange (FL), Penalba, C, finished 1; 7-Orthodontist (MD), Coa, E, finished 2; 9-Valid DJ (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 10; 10-Undefeated (KY), Olivero, C, finished 4; 11-Saint From Spain (FL), Gonzalez, A, finished 5; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-11-20, Race 10 [01:36]
-Jacobs, A, finished 0; 5-Alton Ferry (FL), Parish, R, finished 0; 6-Returned (FL), Penalba, C, finished 0; 7-Linus E (KY), Leyva, J, finished 0; 8-Dancing Nick (FL), Lezcano, A, finished 0; 9-Kruise Kontrol (FL), Gallardo, A, finished 0; 10-Keep to the Code (FL), Thompson, J, finished 0; 11-Stay Focused (FL), Fiegen, C, finished 0; 12-Ourwingman (FL), Gonzalez, A, finished 0; 13-Tarzanito (FL), Estrada, L, finished 0; 14-La Motoneta (FL), Ribera, S, finished 0; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

Horse Racing - All About Us [03:18]
This is a video I made featuring Jockeys/Racehorses. I coulden't decide to make a video about Jockeys, or racehorses, so I did both in one video. I hope you like it, I wasen't sure what song to use. This song fited for this video, thats why I used it. Please comment, it well help me improve on things I am doing badly or good. Thank-You
Tags: horse, racing, OneTrueMedia

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-11-08, Race 2 [02:05]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-11-08, Race 2: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Pleasant Fox (KY), Saez, L, finished 7; 2-Sailors Song (MD), Arango, L, finished 1; 3-Circling the Bases (FL), Bernal, O, finished 5; 4-Stay Focused (FL), Fiegen, C, finished 4; 5-I'm Dancing Too (FL), Garcia, L, finished 3; 6-Bullseye Boy (FL), Parish, R, finished 6; 7-Something Gained (KY), Leyva, J, finished 2; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE COURSE"
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

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