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Welcome To Horse Racing (100+ subscribers!!!) [01:24]
I hope you like this video!! Thanks everyone for subscribing to me!
Tags: Horse, Jumping, Zenyatta, Horse Racing, Horses

Double Jumps In Canter [00:06]
Simple 1m in canter in my TINY paddock , no CRITIZIM! If you want to commetn your very welcome!:) He was going well today:) Simple jumps are the best way to school young ponies in my mind and my horse seems to enjoy it!
Tags: Canter, Outdoor Sports, Horse, Jump, Horses, Horses (album), Jumping, Riding, Dressage, Hunter, Equestrian, New, Equestrianism, Pony, Western, Hunting, Barrel, Quarter, Arabian, Horseback, Brand, Racing, Saddle, Pleasure, Equine, Training, Eventing, Horse

Regionals with Kollien 2011 [03:31]
This was my 2011 regionals on my wonderful mare Kollien! We placed 3rd in show jumping, 3rd in my first dressage test and 4th in my second dressage test. :DI am very proud of these ranking especially since Kollien was 19 years old. Sadly she is 20 now and I need a new horse to compete on. my riding abilities are increasing and it is unfair to her to have to continue jumping higher, and doing more. So I bought a new horse and that was my last regionals with Kollien. I may still take her next year as that is what she was bred to do, and she hates not being ridden and shown. We just won't be jumping any higher than 3 foot. I am going to miss having her as my main riding horse though. She is one of the best horses i have ever ridden. She will always be special to me, as she taught me a lot about riding and i could never repay her for that. I will always love her. Any Critics welcome! :D NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!!!
Tags: happy, sports, equestrian, Kollien, Regionals, with, 2011, horse, jumping, dressage, Show Jumping, Horses, University, Football, Riding, College, Association Football, Pony, Basketball, Kentucky, Fair, Ohio, Sport, Michigan, Louisville, Highlights, Penn,

It´s Christmas time! [00:51]
Fröhliche Weihnachten euch allen! Ich weiß das das voll das scheiß Video ist, aber ich weiß im Moment einfach nicht was ich neues machen könnte oder so... Ich habe zu Weihnachten eine neue Kamera bekommen, eine Sony mit hdtv und Wechselobjektiv also mit allem möglichen Schnick Schnack! ;)) Demnächst wird auch ein Video mit den ersten Versuchen kommen uuuund... bearbeitet mit meinem neuen Fotobearbeitungsprogramm und als Video zusammen gestellt mit dem neuen Videobearbeitungsprogramm das ich bald als Follversion und nicht mhr als Testversion habe! ;D
Tags: Merry, Justin, First, All, Holiday, First Racing, New, Welcome, Low, Holiday (Madonna Song), First Time, All Time, Merry Christmas, funny, Holiday (Green Day Song), Lyrics, Lapse, skateboarding, outdoor sports, Full, Bells, horse, Sport, Holidays, Carol,

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