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FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-05, Race 4 [01:26]
Race, FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-05, Race 4: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Macho Mama (TX), Clark, K, finished 3; 2-Blackberry Kisses (KY), Mojica, O, finished 5; 3-Songfromtheheart (FL), Jacinto, J, finished 8; 4-Just Cuvee (TX), Bridgmohan, S, finished 1; 5-Champannie (KY), Lebron, V, finished 9; 6-Noon Delight (KY), Eramia, R, finished 4; 7-Bakubah (KY), Torres, F, finished 7; 8-Sweet Bayou (LA), Lanerie, C, finished 2; 9-She'sathink'n (KY), Graham, J, finished 6; ... horse racing "FAIR GROUNDS" ...
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR GROUNDS

FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-05, Race 2 [01:21]
6; 2-Nat Loves Julie (LA), Mojica, O, finished 7; 3-Regreta's Gold (LA), Brown, M, finished 4; 4-Cajun Legend (LA), Bonnet, C, finished 3; 5-Turn to the Finest (LA), Smith, C, finished 10; 6-Bayou Lad (LA), Theriot, J, finished 5; 7-El's Gentlemen (LA), Eramia, R, finished 9; 9-Alley's Canyon (LA), Guerrero, E, finished 8; 10-Out of Doeny (LA), Graham, J, finished 2; 11-Sugar by Me (LA), Bankston III, E, finished 11; 12-Click Away (LA), Agilar, T, finished 1; ... horse racing "FAIR GROUNDS" ...
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR GROUNDS

Horse Riding-6.12.09 [01:51]
Just a short video of some riding we did today, it was an awsome day! Most of it is just me jumping, because I was trying to improve my position so I had to do lots of jumps...anyway please tell me what you think of it :) COMMENT, RATE, SUBSCRIBE Thanks xo
Tags: horse, riding, greenbarn, jumping, cantering, barrel, racing, nicegirllaura

FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-04, Race 3 [02:11]
2-Cocoa's Knockout (LA), Bankston III, E, finished 3; 3-Title Clear (LA), Clark, K, finished 1; 4-Great Planet (LA), Lanerie, C, finished 2; 5-Put Up Ira (LA), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 10; 6-Doctor Lovely (LA), Bonnet, C, finished 7; 7-Derainmakerluvsyou (LA), Agilar, T, finished 5; 8-Ide Be Collins (LA), Jacinto, J, finished 9; 9-Sorta Affairs (LA), Eramia, R, finished 11; 10-Barzoni (LA), Melancon, J, finished 4; 11-Leeisiana Blues (LA), Perrodin, E, finished 6; ... horse racing "FAIR ...
Tags: horse, racing, FAIR GROUNDS

1995 Norfolk Stakes [00:32]
a neck on Exetera. Future Quest also won the Del Mar Futurity by a head under Desormeaux. The Winchell-McAnally entry went off at 13-10. The Winner's time was 1:43 1/5. "Future Quest's not very big and he's compact," McAnally said. "Exetera is a picture looking horse. But you know that doesn't win races. Alex Solis [who has ridden both horses and was aboard Exetera Sunday] said that he still prefers Exetera." ... santa anita horse racing odyle editors note kent desormeaux ron mcanally future ...
Tags: santa, anita, horse, racing, odyle, editors, note, kent, desormeaux, ron, mcanally, future, quest

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