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Barrel racing Oaky!!! [00:17]
OMG! He did so good! This is only our 3rd show together! I think we did just fine! The time was 16.7 lol he almost ran faster then rio! I was really nervous so it wasnt like amazin butt I was so happy! I also ran speed dash and i got 2nd in the 1D with a 7.2 he was booking it! Savanna beat me lol! Congrats Savanna you did awsome! No CRITIQUE! ... Barrel racing Oaky 3rd show Appendix quarter horse fun awsome fast cute
Tags: Barrel, racing, Oaky, 3rd, show, Appendix, quarter, horse, fun, awsome, fast, cute

Criterium Partenopeo 2009 -Nickel Ors [03:27]
Slide - Delos Ors) 2. Nicetomeetyou, Alessandro Gocciadoro 1:15,1 3. Newton Baby, Giorgio D´Alessandro 1:15,1 4. Number One Italia, Roberto Andreghetti 1:15,3 5. Napoleon, Antonio Greppi 1:16,3 6. Nunzio Chip Rum, Massimo Buono 1:16,3 7. Ninth Avenue, Gaetano Di Nardo 1:16,6 8. Niky Daf, Andrea Guzzinati 1:16,7 9. Nababbo Jet Mario Minopoli jr. 1:17,3 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab criterium partenopeo napoli agnano italy nickel ors newton baby ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, criterium, partenopeo, napoli, agnano, italy, nickel, ors, newton, baby

Breeders Crown 3Y Trot 2009 -Muscle Hill [02:10]
Yankee - Yankee Blondie) 2. Triumphant Caviar, Luc Ouellette 1:11,2 3. Neighsay Hanover, John Campbell 1:12,0 4. Striking Lindsey, Douglas McNair 1:12,2 5. PJ Clark, Andy Miller 1:12,5 6. Swan For All, Ron Pierce 1:11,5* 7. Broadway Bistro, George Brennan 1:13,3 8. Hot Shot Blue Chip, Mike Lachance rp 9. Tom Cango, Tom Tetrick rp 10. Howthehaloareyou, Dave Palone rp ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab mohawk canada breeders crown woodbine muscle hill ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, mohawk, canada, breeders, crown, woodbine, muscle, hill

RacingDiary Podcast Monday 26 October [01:40]
Daily Horseracing tips and Betting Tips with the Free Horseracing Podcast. All your essential horseracing betting odds and free tips from Professional tipster Carl Harris from ... Horseracing Horse Racing Tips Betting
Tags: Horseracing, Horse, Racing, Tips, Betting

Horse Racing Tribute [04:52]
I DON"T OWN ANYHTING This is a video of Horses Racing. I think It cam out all right. I hope you will like the pictures. This video took 2days to make. I hope you will enjoy my video. PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE THANKS
Tags: Horse, Racing, Sport, of, Kings

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