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Dear Zenyatta Straight From Our Hearts (Teena Marie) [05:19]
Celebrating our love for Zenyatta with video and pictures. Dear Zenyatta and all of Team Z and Barn 55, Straight from my heart I hope everyone's love finds you and lifts you up always. I own all of the pictures and video except for the ones taken at Lane's end. anyone wanting to use anything of mine is always welcome to. Music: By the Late wonderful Teena Marie may she rest in sweet peace. The beautiful blond is my dear friend Michele.I wanted to capture the joy Zenyatta gives her fans and Michele"s smile says it all. I will always be grateful to Zenyatta for bringing us and all the other wonderful people I have met in the name of mutual love for Queen Zenyatta. Long Live the Queen!
Tags: Zenyatta, Champion, Mare, horse, racing, Apple, Blossom, Breeders, Cup, love, Joy, forever, thankyou, Team, Queen, Zenny, Mario, friends

[Zenyatta] baby, hollywood is dead! [80+] [01:21]
***I OWN/CLAIM NOTHING*** A little, wimpy ole' video to celebrate 84 subscribers. :D I fiddled around with a bunch of different songs/formats for a video and then threw this together today. For some reason the radio I listen to has been playing this song a lot lately and it's quite catchy. ;) And I know of course a lot of people love Zenyatta (duh xD) so I used her. Enjoy! :)
Tags: horses, Zenyatta, Queen, Zenny, racehorse, horse, racing, racemare, black, big, tall, amazing, pretty, Hollywood

every breath you take, ♥ [Zenyatta] [01:21]
***I OWN/CLAIM NOTHING, SONG IS NOT MINE*** Maybe THIS video will work -fingers crossed- I don't like this one nearly as much... but oh well -shrugs- I don't think the best horse won Saturday. Zenyatta had everything thrown at her and she still only lost by a few inches. Still the Queen IMO and forever will be. One of the best fillies or mares EVER. I was crying after she lost... but what hit me the hardest was the way everyone cheered for her when she returned, dirt-splattered and exhausted. Cheering on a fallen hero, I guess. I really -needed- to edit something, and on the way to CT on Thursday I heard this song... it's by The Police who Zenyatta is named after and I thought the song fit how we Zenyatta fans are obsessed with her.. all but a few lines of course :P and I'll try and get the other video to work... in the meantime, enjoy ;3
Tags: Zenyatta, Zenny, Queen, 20-19-1, one, of, the, best, fillies, or, mares, all, time, racehorse, horse, racing, Police, 2010, Breeders', Cup, Classic, Blame

Overdose 1. győzelme - Budapest, Nyeretlen Kétévesek Versenye - 1000m - 2007.06.02. [01:06]
Budapest, Nyeretlen Kétévesek Versenye - 1000 m Overdose -(18)- Femme Fatale -(4)- Vitulus Jockey - Martin Srnec Overdose élete első futására egy nyeretlen kétéveseknek kiírt versenyt nyert meg a Kincsem Parkban tizennyolc hosszal, 0:58,0 lefutási idővel beállítva az addigi 1000 méteres pályarekordot! Erre bizony a sokat látott turf rajongók is felkapták a fejüket, az Alagi Díj napján bizony kevesen gondolták, hogy az egyik legmagasabb számot aznap egy nyeretlen kétéves ló kapja.
Tags: overdose, csodaló, wunderpferd, wonderhorse, ungarn, hungary, hungarian, pferd, horse, lóverseny, galopp, lovi, racing, mikóczy, zoltán, ribárszki, sándor

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