World Wide Horse Races and Racing

Our ancestors, who revived the ancient sport of horse racing in its modern form, would be pleased to see the improved standards of safety, fair competition, and track technology that we have achieved in the 21st century. The sport blends tradition and new developments in ways which enhance spectator value. Punters enjoy the twin thrills of visiting racecourses which have been the scene of horse racing for centuries on the one hand, and the convenience of tote machines and modern drainage systems, which allow events to be held even in inclement weather, on the other.

However, the traits of horses have been an even more powerful draw for the crowds in horse racing than tradition and technology put together. Pedigree is all important in this sport, with legendary champions living on for ever in the achievements of their offspring. The most experienced and successful punters look for subtle behavioral signs in horses they pick, as much as on past information contained in racing sheets. Even first timers in horse racing cannot fail to be moved by the courage, physical prowess, and sheer beauty of thoroughbreds.

Betting is an irresistible form of recreation, and horse racing is the best outlet for such passion, because of its systems of controls. The pari-mutuel system is highly developed in horse racing, and ensures equitable returns and chances for everyone involved. There are also a number of eminent and reputable book makers who provide valid and fair opportunities for everyone to lay bets on horse racing events. Unfortunately, illegal betting rings also operate surreptitiously around the sport, especially on the World Wide Web, but punters can choose to stay clear of such undesirable activities.

Horse racing evokes love for animals and the outdoors, drawing enthusiasts to stables and to training sessions. Many people develop interests in riding, show jumping and dressage, after an initial taste of the horse racing joys of track side visits. Analyzing form and spotting winners with profitable odds provides excitement and enjoyment which other sports cannot rival. Horse racing also makes important contributions to local exchequers, helping in community and area development, and embracing even people who do not participate in the sport.


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