California Chrome’s Royal Debut

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on June 15, 2015

"Impossible," was Rae Guest’s reply when he was asked about California Chrome's chances at his Royal Ascot debut this June 17th.

Don't you just love those one-worded replies? So definitive, like a stake being driven through the coffin where the dream’s been placed.

It's not that Guest is a bad guy who doesn't think our boy is a fine racehorse. He seems like a decent enough chap. Some people just don’t like the view from the clouds. Call them realists or call them doubters, Guest knows how challenging the task at hand is, and how much it is to ask of a horse.

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Triple Crown Dreams

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on June 3, 2015

If the Kentucky Derby is where every horseman's dreams are made, then the Belmont Stakes is where it is often dashed. A grueling schedule, fresh horses, and freak accidents are just some of the challenges horse and rider so often face.

Nonetheless, as the first two jewels in the crown are won, onlookers cheer, and dare to join in the speculation, "Will this be the year we've finally achieved another Triple Crown?"

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Triple Crown: Afleet Alex, Pleasant Colony

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on April 8, 2015

The only horse on this list that lost the Kentucky Derby and went on to win the Preakness and Belmont, Afleet Alex's chance to win the Triple Crown ended early on in the racing season, but his powerful efforts in the Preakness and Belmont ushered in countless thoughts of "what if" after the season ended. In the 2005 Kentucky Derby, Afleet Alex came in third by less than a length behind longshot winner Giacomo...

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Triple Crown: Alysheba, Charismatic

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on March 9, 2015

A virtually ignored horse before the Derby, Alysheba had a terrific pedigree, as the son of 1978's Alydar, but had only won one of his first nine races and was the bettors' sixth choice at 8-1. However, he reached his peak at the right...

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Triple Crown: Sunday Silence, War Emblem, Silver Charm

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on February 10, 2015

Unlike the previous two selections, Sunday Silence was not ignored by any means. Picked by the experts from the outset as one of the favorites in the Derby, the California-bred horse was nonetheless overshadowed by the media's favorite and East Coast darling Easy Goer,...

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Triple Crown: Funny Cide, Spectacular Bid

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on January 14, 2015

The first gelding to win the Kentucky Derby in 74 years and the only New York-bred horse to ever win, Funny Cide was given little chance to come out on top, but it was nothing personal - Kentucky's own Empire Maker was the overwhelming...

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