2007 World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings

The World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings for 2007 have just recently been released by the IFHA, or International Federation of Horse racing Authorities. Two official rankings are released every year to coincide with all the racing seasons. The IFHA therefore releases a publication in January and in August each year. Racing seasons in some countries run from the 1st of January to the 31st of December, some from the 1st of August to the 31st of July, and South America runs their racing season from the 1st of July to the 30th of June. This month, the International Federation of Horse racing Authorities once again released a publication.

To be included in any of the categories for the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings, horses need to rate more than 115. The horses that have rated the highest by the IFHA World Rankings Committee are as follows: Manduro (Germany) came in first with a rating of 131, while Authorized (Ireland), Curlan (USA), Dylan Thomas (Ireland) and Invasor (Argentina) share second place with a rating of 129. Street Sense had a rating of 126, while Admire Moon (Japan), English Channel (USA) and Soldier of Fortune (Ireland) have a tied rating of 125 each. The last three places were taken by Any Given Saturday (USA), Lawyer Ron (USA) and Youmzain (Ireland), all rating 124.

Other categories and lists of top performers in the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings include Sprinters, Milers, Intermediate, Long and Extended. Many other horses have been recognized for their magnificent performances in specified divisions, such as the three year old rankings, four year old rankings, top mare/filly, performers ranked by Age, Distance and Surface, and racehorse rankings by country. Fans should not be disappointed if their favorite racehorse does not appear on the overall top performance list, as they may have come out on top in the other divisions. Names such as Sacred Kingdom, Silent Witness, Miss Andretti, Midnight Lute, Ramonti, El Segundo, Septimus, Scorpion, Efficient, Rags to Riches, Peeping Fawn, Darjina and Divine Proportions all rated over 120 and are recognized in other relevant categories.

The 2007 racing season definitely delivered spectacular horses with very close rankings. Many horse racing fanatics will be watching their favorites closely in 2008, and waiting in anticipation for the next edition of the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings.