Beef Or Salmon Never Gives Up

The story of Beef Or Salmon started in the year 2000 and is still ongoing. He is a racehorse that has excited, disappointed, overcome injury and illness, surprised the opposition and has kept punters wondering, anticipating and confused for years. Beef Or Salmon has lived through a career of highs and lows like no other, and just when everyone starts to think that the fat lady has sung on his racing days, he comes back to prove them wrong.

In 2000, Beef Or Salmon was up for sale at the Goff’s Land Rover Sale. Trainer, Micheal Hourigan, saw something in Beef Or Salmon that few others were able to, and with a price tag of only £6,200, he was a bargain. No one could have guessed that this magnificent racehorse, sired by Cajetano and his dam being Farinella, would become a National Hunt racing horse that would keep everyone in the racing industry on their toes.

Beef Or Salmon started his career in 2001 at the Dungarvan, but had an unfortunate start after falling. In his second race however, he won in a spectacular fashion at the Clonmel. In his novice career, he suffered a few narrow misses and disappointing losses, but also enjoyed a few good wins. His greatest challenge still lay ahead of him, getting accustomed to the fences. Beef Or Salmon made his chasing debut at the Galway QR Race, winning by a staggering eleven lengths. At the Leopardstown Handicap he took home a second position and went on the take the win at the Morris Oil Chase, against formidable competition.

Disaster struck at the 2003 Cheltenham Gold Cup. An ugly fall during the race did not only see Best Mate (who would go on to win this race consecutively) winning, but left Beef Or Salmon with a terrible back injury that would haunt him at the worst of times. As for the Cheltenham Gold Cup, it was a race that did not agree with Beef Or Salmon and many believed that this terrible fall is the reason behind his disappointing runs here. But it did not scar his confidence for fences and over the next couple of years Beef Or Salmon would take fans and punters on a roller coaster of emotions. Because of his unpredictability, fans started to become apprehensive of placing their bets on him, not knowing what he would bring to the race day.

But in 2007, Beef Or Salmon has again proven that he should not be written off just yet. Besides another disappointing run in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, this season has seemed to be favorable for him. He is a horse that has crept deep into the hearts of fans and the racing community, never allowing his losses to crush his confidence and always rising the occasion when it means the most. Beef Or Salmon has become an inspiration and a racehorse that ordinary people can relate to. Having the odds against him and fighting for every victory, he has become the King of everyone’s heart.