California Chrome’s Royal Debut

“Impossible,” was Rae Guest’s reply when he was asked about California Chrome’s chances at his Royal Ascot debut this June 17th.

Don’t you just love those one-worded replies? So definitive, like a stake being driven through the coffin where the dream’s been placed.

It’s not that Guest is a bad guy who doesn’t think our boy is a fine racehorse. He seems like a decent enough chap. Some people just don’t like the view from the clouds. Call them realists or call them doubters, Guest knows how challenging the task at hand is, and how much it is to ask of a horse.

Besides, the English are too proper to use terms like, “Dumb Asses”, at least, not before a Royal showdown.

But Coburn and Perry of Dumb Ass Partners (DAP) are no strangers to impossible dreams. And, along their journey they’ve had their share of naysayers. After all, the inspiration in naming their partnership came after being called Dumb Asses for an $8,000.00 purchase called Love the Chase. Her racing career was nothing to boast about, but from that view in the clouds DAP saw a promising pedigree, and boy did their girl deliver. Her son is California Chrome, the champion chestnut colt who’s gone on to win some of the most prestigious horse races, earning millions.

Can one successfully deny the fact that Chrome isn’t just any racehorse? He may not always be the fastest, but he’s got much more than that. He’s extraordinarily reliable, versatile, composed, and he tries really hard. He’s also usually in the money when he doesn’t win.

It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a looker, with his trademark white blaze and four socks.

And who doesn’t love a good rags to riches Cinderfella story, even if Cinderfella is a horse? May be a bit unconventional, but it is often the unconventional that captures the hearts of many, and CC has certainly done that. California Chrome may have come just shy of wearing the coveted Triple Crown, but he’s accomplished something that even fewer have. He’s won the hearts of many adoring fans, while inspiring us to dig up our buried dreams and give them a second look.

How many can boast of that?

Coburn and Perry’s boy is all grown up now and preparing to make his European debut at The Royal Ascot Prince of Wales Group 1 stakes race. It’s going to be a Royal showdown at horse racing’s royal ballroom. Whether he wins or leaves us crying “Shoo” at the end of the dance . . . I mean race, America’s 2014 horse of the year will get a royal reception from those who love him because he’s already won in our hearts.

Thank God for Dumb Ass people who are not afraid to dream big.

Article submitted by Joanne Prieto