Controversies of Electronic Horse Racing

What is electronic horse racing? How does it differ from simulcast wagering? Can it replace live events at race track? Enthusiasts and novices have ceaseless and anxious queries about the new form of horse racing that the electronic world of video has made possible.

Electronic horse racing starts with a video database of thousands of real life events that have taken place in the past at various horse racing centers of the world. The actual racing sheets distributed before each event are preserved as well. Punters are given all the information on handicapping that was available before a real event, and can place sporting bets on such bases. The video is then played and winnings distributed accordingly.

Electronic horse racing has no shortage of skeptics! How do we know which event was replayed? What if some punters know the results beforehand? How will this form of gambling be regulated? Answers to these and related doubts are still under preparation. California could soon become the first place in the United States to make electronic horse racing a reality. It will certainly add enjoyment to days on which there are no local events running live.

Electronic horse racing is an excellent way of trying out winning systems and horse racing software, regardless of whether it finally sees the light of day in California or elsewhere. Everyone can practice picking winner from past racing sheets, and comparing their choices with actual results. There is much to be learnt from studying video replays of past races also. You can try this form of learning center by studying important international events before and after each race. Predicting winners in horse racing takes years at the race track, and the best punters have followed events for the major parts of their lives. Using a form of electronic horse racing can shorten the learning cycle and make a champion out of you sooner!

Join our forum and let us know what you think and whether you have any experience with electronic horse racing. The second half of the 2006 horse racing season is in full swing, so it is never to late to start practicing right away!