HOK Sport to Bring Keeneland Vision to Life

Keeneland Racecourse has been home to horse racing for seventy-two years. It has built up a reputation for providing great facilities, hosting magnificent racing events and accommodating the public to the best of their abilities. Nothing has changed in light of the renovation projects that Keeneland Racecourse has contracted HOK Sport for, and strict guidelines and requirements have been given to ensure that the racetrack remains the beloved horse racing venue that loyal fans have been supporting for years, only an improved version.

For twenty-five years, HOK Sport has designed, created and renovated sports facilities around the world. They have also been involved in numerous other racetrack projects that include the Happy Valley Racecourse (Hong Kong), Royal Randwick Racecourse (Australia) and the recent renovations done to the legendary Ascot Racetrack in England. HOK Sport has expressed their enthusiasm in regard to assessing the current facilities at Keeneland Racecourse and is starting to design the renovations. Understanding the importance of retaining the ambience of the racecourse, HOK Sport have assured the entire horse racing community that they intent to uphold the integrity of the racecourse while making use of the latest technology to improve various aspects of the establishment. They will therefore strive to combine the elegance of its history with the power of innovation.

Keeneland Racecourse has given HOK Sport two very important goals throughout the project. Firstly, every design, structure, paddock, track and renovation must have the safety and welfare of the racehorses and their jockeys in mind. Secondly, spectators must have the clearest views possible of the horse racing action. The thoughts and views of the public are also of the greatest importance to the racecourse and they have therefore requested spectators and fans to log onto their website and leave their suggestions and ideas for the racecourse and the project managers of HOK Sport to review. Alternatively, they can attend the public forum, which will be held at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion on 25 August 2008.

Looking towards the future of the track and hoping to one day host the Breeders’ Cup Championships, Keeneland Racecourse wants to ensure that they will be capable of hosting such large events and that the facilities they have to offer will turn Keeneland Racecourse into a considered venue for a variety of major horse racing events. The renovations to the course will improve its facilities for the public and offer horsemen a safe and secure venue for their horses.