Horse Racing: Bernardini Looks Good for the Breeders Cup

There are many reasons for top horse racing lover Sheikh Mohamed, owner of the Darley Stable, to be almost desperate for his colt Bernardini to win the November 2006 Breeders Cup. Bernardini, with 6 straight wins under his belt, is a strong contender for the title of ‘Horse of the Year’. A win at the Breeders Cup will clinch things for this aggressive son of Cara Rafaela and Quiet American. The $5 million prize money for the prestigious event is no laughing matter either!

Bernardini will have a field of 13 competitors to fight for the Breeders Cup. Each of them is an accomplished thoroughbred with an experienced jockey astride; some of them rival Bernardini’s own stature as a classic race horse to celebrate for all time. Tension mounts by the day, as the Breeders Cup creeps up inexorably on all calendars, for we get stimulating reports of how trainers act on carefully laid plans to make sure that their wards peak at exactly the right time.

Why is Bernardini so favored for the top spot in the Breeders Cup? He has 6 straight wins under his belt for one thing, which means that he is on a role. More importantly, he is a great finisher with enormous power reserves. Replays of the 2006 Preakness Stakes in which Barbaro was injured, shows Bernardini immense stamina as he thrusts forward for a memorable win. Anyone with designs on the Breeders Cup must contend with how they can hold off the kind of challenge that Bernardini will surely mount on the final bend and straight when the Breeders Cup is staged in November.

Strategy and training will make crucial differences for the final outcome of the Breeders Cup, and we can analyze the race later with video replays. It is possible that Bernardini’s rider may have a couple of tricks up his sleeve to outwit competitors who bank on the past racing behavior of this incredibly strong colt. The only thing of which we can be certain is that Bernardini will put his very best hooves forward, and may the best thoroughbred win!