Horse Racing Ireland Awards 2007 Nominees

What makes the Horse Racing Ireland Awards, or HRI Awards, unique is that they do not only honor the horses that have shown talent, achievement and potential, but also award humans for their efforts during the racing season. The winners of the awards in the various categories will be announced on 10 December 2007 at a stylish reception at the Shelbourne Hotel. It is one of the most prestigious awards and the Horse Racing Ireland Awards 2007 Nominees have already caused a stir.

The Horse Racing Ireland Awards 2007 Nominees have been released and it is now up to the Irish Racing Media to cast their votes to determine who the winners will be this year. And it is not going to be an easy task. Every nominee on the list has earned their nomination and all deserve to be the winners. When looking at the achievements that have been highlights of the year, one remembers Finsceal Beo completing the Boylesports 1,000 Guineas, Dylan Thomas bring Aiden O’Brian home to win the Prix de l’Arc and Mick The Man winning the Grade 1 Champion Bumper. So many magnificent achievements have been witnessed in 2007, but unfortunately there can be only one winner.

The Irish Racing Media will vote for their favorites in the categories of Horse of the Year, National Hunt, Flat, Outstanding Achievement, Point-To-Point and the special Contribution to the Industry Award. The nominees for the Horse of the Year Awards are as follows: Peeping Fawn, Beef or Salmon, New Approach, Sublimity, Dylan Thomas and Finsceal Beo. In the National Hunt division the nominees are: Charlie Swan, Robert Power, Ruby Walsh, Nina Carberry and Noel Meade. For the Outstanding Achievement Award, the nominees included Tommy Stack, Enda Bolger, Gordon Elliot, Seamus Hefferman and John Car. Kevin Manning, Pat Smullen, Jim Bolger, Aiden O’Brian and Johnny Murtagh were nominated in the Flat Awards; with Mark O’Hare, Ian Furguson, Micheal O’Leary and Derek O’Connor standing a chance to walk away with the Point-To-Point Award. There are no nominees for the Contribution to the Industry Award, as this award has always been kept as a surprise.

Horse racing has grown tremendously in Ireland over the years and the racing community looks forward to being rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Most awards in the Horse Racing industry single out the most deserving horses, as without them there would not be any form of racing at all. But the HRI Awards take note of everyone involved, from the horses and jockeys to the owners and contributors. Deciding the winners will definitely be a hair-raising task, as the nominees have brought excitement, adventure and personality to the 2007 racing season.