Horses – A New Horse Racing Documentary

Thousands of horse racing enthusiasts visit their favorite tracks and watch their selected horses face-off against other worthy competitors. They marvel at the victories and are disappointed with the losses. However, many may never know how much work and dedication it has taken for a horse to reach that point. In the horse racing industry the scales are delicately balanced and can tip either way, with some horses becoming stars while others are forgotten before they have even made a name for themselves. Trainers, owners and jockeys eagerly share their stories and opinions with the media and fans. While they bask in the glory, the horses that make their careers possible stand in their stables and wait patiently till they are needed, not able to share their point-of-view.

A very talented and special director, Liz Mermin, has taken documentary film making to a whole new level with her release of “Horses“. The press screening of this exciting new documentary will take place on 26 January 2010. Those interested in watching the film can view it at the ICA Cinema in London from 28 January 2010. Following three Irish national hunt horses on their journey in the racing industry, Mermin has managed to capture their own unique personalities and tell their stories from their perspective. In “Horses”, the three race horses are the leading actors, with jockeys and trainers filling the role of the support cast. During the film horse lovers will meet Cuan Na Gra, a highly strung yet powerful horse; the fascinating Ardalan, that trainers are very affectionate about; and the massive Joncol. These athletes have the good fortune to be teamed up with very caring and patient trainers who share in their victories and disappointments, standing by them through their training and setbacks. Movie fanatics will also meet the grooms and other team members who play a vital role in the care of racehorses. Most importantly, the movie is dedicated to the athletes that make things happen – the horses.

Liz Mermin has captured each horse and their uniqueness. She has tried to answer questions that some horse lovers might find interesting, such as why horses run, or if racing and winning is as important to them as it is for their human handlers. She has also been able to draw audience members into the film so deeply that they will forget that they are watching animals. “Horses” is a documentary that should not be missed by anyone interested in these majestic creatures and the Sport of Kings.