Jockey Dreams Come True

The Palmowski family did not have anything to do with horses or racing. They did not own a horse, and only watched horse racing events in passing on the television screen. It is therefore understandable that they were visibly shocked when their fourteen year old son, Joseph Palmowski, announced that he wanted to become a jockey. His dream of riding some of the greatest horses in the horse racing industry started after he watched the Grand National, and his determination gave him the courage to take on the challenge that would shape his future.

In 2004, while attending the Pope Pius X High School, Joseph Palmowski was making a forty mile round trip every Friday to attend the Northern Racing College, located in Doncaster, to study in a work related learning program. With no equestrian back ground or knowledge, only the willpower to succeed, he threw himself into his work at the college, surprising everyone with this positive attitude towards learning and his ability to understand and be taught. So while most young people were still confused about their career choices, Joseph Palmowski was already working towards his by getting his NVQ Level One in stable yard skills.

After completing his year 11 in school, Palmowski threw himself into starting his NVQ Level Two in Racehorse Care, which is a course that prepares jockeys for working in the horse racing industry. He received an apprenticeship with legendary trainer, James Hetherton, where he dramatically improved his riding skills and knowledge. But employment and opportunity was just around the corner.

Joseph Palmowski was employed by trainer and owner Ferdy Murphy, who is opening doors for this promising jockey. Not only is he getting the opportunity to take part in racing events, but he is riding one of Murphy’s most spectacular horses, PeterPan De Solzen. He will also be attending sessions given by trainer,Michael Hourigan at the County Limerick yard, where other jockey greats, such as Tony McCoy and John Francombe, gained valuable experience during their early years.

The future looks bright for Joseph Palmowski. Under the watchful eye of Ferdy Murphy, he is destined to grow and develop his natural talent for racing. His love for horses and his willingness to learn will see this jockey achieve all his goals, and take pride in making his dreams a reality.