Jorge Chavez – A Famous Name in Horse Racing!

Though many famous and infamous South Americans share the family name, Chavez should be recalled fondly in the horse racing world. Jorge Chavez lives in Garden City, New York, but was born in Callao, Peru. The millions of dollars he has won from riding horses, and the pulsating enjoyment he has given thousands of horse racing lovers, is far removed from Jorge’s humble beginnings.

Jorge Chavez of the horse racing world does not only share his name with the legendary Latin American aviator, but has the same spirit of adventure as well! Jorge is known to his fans for his courage in riding, and has thought nothing of his own safety during horse racing events. Chavez is a natural with horses, and in an industry where other jockeys virtually grow up with horses, did not even visit the race track until he was 20!

Chavez has enjoyed an illustrious horse racing career, making it to the top 50 list. He has taken part in more than 500 events, and has some 80 wins under his elegant gear. Chavez has lifted the Breeders’ Cup twice and has nursed such famous thoroughbreds as Flower Alley and King’s Drama to victory. He is now a resident of the United States, but his closely-knit family and he have lost little of their Peruvian roots and culture.

Jorge’s horse racing career has not been smooth throughout. He suffered heavily at the hands of Racing Stewards during his long career, and has suffered a major accident as well. Chavez has displayed true grit in taking adversity in his stride, and remains a triumphant figure of horse racing in New York.

Fame sits lightly on the wiry frame of Jorge Chavez. He serves as a symbol of inspiration for many potential riders from his native country, and has a considerable following in the United States as well. Chavez is not given to talk expansively of the struggles of the early part of his career, but horse racing enthusiasts must know of what mettle he is made to have come up from the outside and to have made such a work in a competitive and highly skilled field.

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