NZ Sydney Cup hopeful

On the 25th of April 2009, the Randwick Racecourse will once again host one of the most prestigious horse racing events on the Australian racing calendar. Run over a distance of 3 200 meters, the Sydney Cup is a grueling flat horse racing event, and it is here where horses have the chance to showcase their strength, endurance and determination. This year, New Zealand has an ace up their sleeve, which they hope will bring them another Sydney Cup victory. His name is Mr Tipsy, and ever since his stable mate was injured, he has been training for this moment.

When skeletal abnormalities where found during a bone scan of Nom Du Jeu, trainer Bjorn Baker made the decision to rest the champion. All hopes and training attention was turned to Mr Tipsy, which many believe has what it takes to become the next Sydney Cup winner. Contrary to what many believe, New Zealand has not done exceptionally well in this event. There have been winners in the past, but victories have been spread out years apart, such as My Eagle Eye in 1992 followed by Honor Babe in 2003.

Mr Tipsy will have two valuable points counting in his favor. In the Auckland Cup, Mr Tipsy proved to be tremendously strong in the event, confirming that he is capable of running a 3 200 meter race. Even though he finished second, many believe that a few different choices, made by his jockey, could have improved the outcome. He has also had a drop in weight, and will only be carrying 51kgs opposed to the 58.5kg requirement he had previously. When Mr Tipsy steps out onto the Randwick Racecourse on Saturday, it will be his 13th start, and there are very high expectations resting on his shoulders.

Before My Eagle Eye, New Zealand did do well, winning with Just a Dancer in 1991 and King Aussie taking the title in an unforgettable race on a wet track in 1990. But they are seeking another victory in this extremely competitive horse racing event. And all their hopes are pinned on Mr Tipsy. The pressure is on, and spectators are recommended to secure their seats early for this explosive race.