Pinnacle Race Course – An Exciting New Development

The announcement made by Magna Entertainments Corporation, owners of the Great Lakes Downs horse racing facility, to close the track down by 6 November has sent shock waves through the thoroughbred horse racing fraternity in Michigan State. Great Lakes Downs is the only thoroughbred horse racing facility in Michigan and its closure will have a devastating ripple effect through the industry. To preserve the future of racing and compensate for the many jobs that will be lost, a new project has been created, the Pinnacle Race Course development.

Jerry Campbell, a successful Michigan businessman, has submitted his proposal and license request to build and operate the Pinnacle Race Course. Campbell is currently the CEO and Chairman of Post It Stables, Chairman of the Citizens Republic Bancorp, and was the founder and former Chairman to the Republic Bancorp. Over and above his success in the corporate world, he owns approximately 125 thoroughbreds himself. Campbell’s wife, Felicia, is also a well respected trainer and thoroughbred owner, and sits on the Michigan Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association board. Together they have many years experience, and Campbell has already secured the support of the Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the Huron Township Board for the Pinnacle Race Course project.

If the proposal is approved, the Pinnacle Race Course can be completed by September 2008, and there are many benefits for everyone involved. Firstly, $142 million will be invested into the project, with the annual economic investments estimated at approximately $1.5 billion. Job creation because of the project is another advantage. An estimated 1 400 permanent jobs will be available at the track, and in the 200 thousand square foot retail center that is to be built at the track, another 1 700 jobs will be created. Not to mention the temporary construction contracts and laborers that will be a part of the building process.

The new race course will accommodate approximately ten thousand spectators, and if they want to take a breather from the live horse racing action, there will be family picnic areas and the retail center should have more then enough stores to browse through. There will of course be luxury boxes available and 1 080 stalls will be built to accommodate the horses. The Pinnacle Race Course is set to be constructed near the Detroit Metro Airport, making transportation more convenient.

Pinnacle Race Course promises to be one of the most spectacular live horse racing facilities Michigan has ever seen. Not only will it be advantageous to the state but to the thoroughbred race horse industry and all those who work within it.