Seabiscuit honored

The 2009 Preakness Stakes, which was hosted by the Pimlico Racecourse, did not only provide spectators with thrilling live horse racing action, but also held a ceremony on the 14th of May, to celebrate one of the greatest thoroughbred racehorses that ever lived. Together with the U.S. Postal Service, the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation paid tribute to the legendary Seabiscuit, and reminded the horse racing community, and racing enthusiasts, that faith, love and determination, can bring hope to the masses and see a horse overcome numerous obstacles, to become a champion of the racecourse and millions hearts.

For those unfamiliar with Seabiscuit, he was a horse that that inspired and awed. At the height of the Great Depression, hope and something to believe in, was hard to come by, especially for the poor communities. But along came Seabiscuit, and changed the lives of thousands. Ridiculed because of his confirmation and lack of interest in racing, Seabiscuit was eventually sold to Charles Howard. Under the guidance of trainer Tom Smith, Seabiscuit began to bloom, until he began taking the horse racing industry by storm, proving that even the underdog can work his way to the top. His most legendary race was his face-off against War Admiral, at the Pimlico Racecourse. Not only did he win the race, but set a staggering track record. He retired from racing in 1940 and retired to Ridgewood Ranch, were he died in 1947. Thousands of fans still make the pilgrimage to the farm and Seabiscuits home town, to relive the glory days.

And it is the historic race against War Admiral, which has been immortalized on the new 44 cents stamped envelope by the U.S. Postal Service. Unveiled at a ceremony during Preakness Week, the stamped envelope has many fans reminiscing and remembering the racing great. Many Seabiscuit supporters drove through to the Post Office in Willits, the only post office able to stamp: In Honor of America’s Legendary Champion Racehorse – Seabiscuit – First Day of Sale, Ridgewood Ranch Station, May 11, 2009, Willits, CA 984790, onto their envelopes. Bringing honor to this magnificent athlete, made the running of the Preakness Stakes, just a little more spectacular and special than it usually is.