Shareholders Get More Freedom

Mezey Howarth Racing Stables Inc was founded by Lord J. Wade Mezey (Chairman and CEO) and Brian J. Meshkin (Director). It is a thoroughbred racing company that deals will all the aspects of racing, such as purchasing, training, racing, farrier services and veterinary care of the racehorses. They employ the best jockeys, trainers and stable assistants to ensure that all its shareholders are guaranteed that the best care and attention is being given to their investment.

In the past, shareholders did not have much interaction with the stables or the horses, but just recently Mezey Howarth Racing Stables Inc have revealed a new policy to start including shareholders directly.

Paul Howarth, President of Mezey Howarth Racing Stables Inc, has explained that the new corporate philosophy will be one of partnership and allowing shareholders to also enjoy the benefits that are given to the company by the horse racing industry. In future, the company will try to involve shareholders more, by ensuring them access to the racing events that any of the horses from the company participate in. Being able to talk to the trainers personally will also give them valuable insight into the business, and if a company horse wins, shareholders will be permitted to have their pictures taken with the horse in the winners’ circle.

Shareholders will also be able to make arrangements with the company to visit the stable yard, interact with staff and horses, and watch some of the training workouts. To encourage this, the company has decided to host another “Meet the Trainer and Jockey Luncheon”, as the first event was a success. It is hoped that the second meeting will persuade more shareholders to get more involved in racing.

In regard to the company’s horses, the thoroughbred racehorses are organized into racing “pods”, of which there are three horses in each pod. For example, there will be one mid to upper level claimer (In Pod 1, The Emerald King holds this position), and two stakes and allowance race horses (Dobalado and Mahalo Maggie fill these slots in pod 1). Dividing the horses in pods ensures the quality and consistency of horse purchases. In other words, as one horse retires or is sold and leaves the pod, a horse will be purchased to replace the one who has left the pod.

Mezey Howarth Racing Stables Inc, is working towards a better relationship with its shareholders, and hopes that through education and attendance, shareholders will be able to gain a better understanding of the sport and see firsthand what the world of horse racing entails.

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