Stable Spy News Reporter – Horse Racing

Aintree confirms that a news reporter, disguised as regular staff broke in to stables used by a champion horse and even had a photograph taken with the animal. Video surveillance confirms that the break-in took place, though the intruder was never alone with the animal. Regulators have launched an enquiry and may even contemplate action against the reporter.

Information from the stables is very important for punters, because we can learn so much by observing race horses as they exercise and rest. However, access has to be restricted because the animals can be harmed by vicious people. Race horses are also temperamental, and may attack unknown people who approach them.

Members of the media deserve access to stables, but should not attempt this in underhand manner. Perhaps the reporter wished to make a point about inadequate security at the stables, but everyone's privacy rights should be respected.

Aintree is home to the famed John Smith's Grand National Meeting, one of the most keenly awaited events in the international horse racing calendar. The race track complex has a Conference Center, and is used for business and social events apart from horse racing. A 9-hole golf course is an added attraction!

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