TVG and Horseracing TV making history

Make sure that your Television set has TVG and Horseracing TV access!

These networks have come up with the brilliant idea of covering the forthcoming sale of two year olds at Lexington, which is scheduled for April 18 2006.

Get in touch with us, using our feedback form, or by joining our forum, if you need specific information on program timings. Hurry though, because previews have started already.

Keeneland has set up a TV in a special room for this event, and their website offers live coverage of the actual sale as well. The event will commence at 1330 hours local time, and is for just a day.

This is an opportunity not to be missed if you are in the market for a race horse of potential and the best blood lines. However, the event and previews of the horses for sale will be joys to watch even if you just have spectator and wagering interests in horse racing. Sales show potential winners in most professional light and you can learn much about the art and science of betting odds by following such events with serious interest.

We can keep tabs on other forthcoming sales for you: do mail and let us know of any special requirements you have in mind.

The National Association of Two Year Old Consignors and Post Time Technologies have agreed to sponsor the YV previews and the live event coverage; we at horse racing thank them on behalf of all US horse racing enthusiasts!

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