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  • Wisconsin Hall of Fame Welcomes Crafty Sailor

    The Wisconsin Harness Racing Hall of Fame is managed by the Wisconsin Harness Racing Association and has four categories for nominations and inductions: Living, Immortal, Equine and Family. For ...

  • Knowhere Victorious in Old Roan

    The Aintree Racecourse was a hive of activity on Sunday, the 26th of October, as hundreds of spectators filled the racecourse in support of the racing action. One of the anticipated events for ...

  • Dubai Horse Racing Complex Opens

    In March 2007, Dubai unveiled its plans to build the Meydan Horse Racing Complex to the world. The project took thirty-four months to complete, and on 28 January 2010 the complex opened its ...

  • National Velvet – An Inspirational Adventure

    There are only a few horse movies and books that are as legendary as ‘National Velvet’. This delightful story is one that inspires the impossible and it is one that every female horse lover or ...

  • A Top Horse Racing Tradition

    A family name and title that evokes widespread respect in the worlds of both Islam and horse racing is that of the Aga Khan. The spiritual heads of this forward looking and liberal sect of ...

  • Dubai International Racing Carnival in January 2008

    On 17 January 2008 one of premier events on the World horse racing calendar will take place, the 2008 Dubai International Racing Carnival. It is a race meeting that will see some of the top ...

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  • Japan Association for International Horse Racing

    The Japan Association for International Horse Racing was established in April 1993 to promote good relations between the Japanese horse racing industry and worldwide racing associations. Horse racing is popular the world over and Japan is no exception. In fact, in recent years, horse racing has absolutely flourished in the country and it is quickly catching up with nations in the west.

  • Turf Paradise Horse Racing Track in Arizona

    It all started in 1954 when a businessman by the name of Walter Cluer bought 1,400 acres of barren desert and set about realising his dream of building a first-class race track in Phoenix. Cluer was a millwork founder, a manufacturer and a horse owner, but even though he’d enjoyed so much success in other fields, many thought his latest project was badly timed and destined to fail. They ...

  • Horse Racing

    Get all the latest news on Horseracing and races from around the world here on Horseracing.com

  • How to Care for a Brood Mare

    Breeding is essential for the future of horse racing, but even those without a passion for the sport can appreciate the pleasure of caring for a brood mare. Pregnancy and birth in horses are joyful occassions, with horse owners discovering new and new and long-lost friends when they announce that a brood mare has conceived!

  • Race Horse Preparation Strategies

    Winning horses, like successful human athletes, must consistently train in order to be at their competitive peak when it comes time to perform. Trainers will carefully formulate a specific training schedule that ensures each horse will be well-rested and capable of performing at their best on race day.

  • Racetracks in Canada

    Associations, such as the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association and the Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association, which was established in 1968, oversee and perform numerous tasks in regard to the various forms of horse racing in Canada. Promoting the sport of horse racing is only one aspect of their duties, with the enforcement of rules, licensing and working with owners and breeders, ...