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  • Samantha Miss Focuses on Victoria Oaks

    The Melbourne Cup Carnival, or Spring Festival, is being hosted by Flemington Racecourse this year, and one of the most popular races featured during this time, is the Victoria Oaks. It takes ...

  • Kentucky Derby Museum

    Churchill Downs Racecourse is home to one of the most prestigious thoroughbred horse racing events on the racing calendar, namely the Kentucky Derby. This event forms part of the Triple Crown ...

  • Coping with Doping in Horse Racing

    Any pattern of abrupt improvement in horse racing performance can arouse suspicions that a horse is under the influence of some pharmaceutical substance. However, this need not necessarily be ...

  • Golden Victory for Mast Track

    The Hollywood Gold Cup took place at Hollywood Park on Saturday, 28 June 2008. With Heatseeker being scratched on Friday, injured with a massively swollen ankle, many spectators turned their ...

  • The Illinois Formula for Horse Racing

    The very State which drew dollops of dollars away from horse racing to other forms of gambling in the early 1990s, has decided that it is time for pay-back. Governor Blagojevich has recently ...

  • Kentucky Derby dreams crumble

    Tension for the anticipated Kentucky Derby, taking place at Churchill Downs, is increasing, as horse owners, trainers and spectators gear up for an unforgettable day of racing. A magnificent ...

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  • Parimutuel Betting

    Parimutuel Betting is an ingenious method, popularly used throughout the world, of pooling bets placed on horse races so as to ensure that bettors are given fair payoff odds and that both the “house” and any applicable taxes are covered before paying out any winnings. The word “parimutuel” itself is a French term that translates to “mutual betting”, which sums up the practice nicely.

  • HorseRacing.com Writers

    Find out more about the writers whose work we've published on HorseRacing.com. If you'd like to become a writer for HorseRacing.com, click the link below to have your article published on HorseRacing.com:

  • Joanne Prieto

    Joanne Prieto is a contributing writer for HorseRacing.com.Joanne is caregiver to her father of whom she’s not sure if she should thank, or blame, for her love of the game.

  • Brighton Race Course in England

    Brighton Racecourse is perfectly situated just on the outskirts of the colorful city of Brighton and alongside the stunning blue sea. All through the year Brighton Racecourse offers spectacular views of Brighton Marina and Sussex Downs, a lovely setting for a day at the races. A popular leisure venue, Brighton hosts some 20 race meetings as well as a number of other events. Since Brighton ...

  • Fairmount Park Horse Racing Track in Illinois

    Established in 1925, Fairmount Park has long held its position as one of the top racetracks in the State of Illinois. It is home to the Fairmount Derby which is widely considered to be one of the best races in the country. The legacy of the Fairmount Derby started right near the beginning of the track’s history and it certainly has not lost popularity over the years.

  • Chester Racecourse in England

    Many horse racing professionals dislike the Chester Racecourse, because it is so full of turns, without sufficient distance for horses to make up on the straight. This left-handed or anti-clockwise track requires special training, and does not suit horses and riders which compete on stamina and strategy. It is essential to get in to the lead early, and to hold it over the bends. The track ...