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  • Starting Price Pitfalls

    Horse racing betting feeds on the gullibility of casual spectators. There is a natural tendency to try your luck, using all kinds of irrational ways of picking winners. This kind of thinking ...

  • The Scottish Horse Racing Delights of June

    Any time is suitable for a visit to the romantic and inspiring climes of Scotland, but June is really the best month as far as horse racing enthusiasts are concerned. No other place can match ...

  • Green Light for Jumps Racing

    In Australia jumps racing is only hosted in South Australia and in Victoria, and has been under a lot of pressure and debate the last few months. With many deaths occurring in the industry, ...

  • The World-Renowned Grand National Steeplechase

    The Grand National Steeplechase is well known all over the world and attracts as many as 150,000 spectators every year. The Grand National is held at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool on the ...

  • Injury Database Launched

    In 1894, the Jockey Club was founded with their main objectives and goals being to improve the Thoroughbred horse racing industry by becoming the registry for the breed, finding solutions to ...

  • Long Striders – Champions or Duds?

    The long striding racehorse is somewhat of a contradiction in racing circles; from this type of horse we get the two extremes of racehorses, the all-time champions and the one paced snails. Why ...

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  • Red Mile Race Track in Kentucky

    Famous for it’s red clay track and one-mile length, The Red Mile is located in Lexington, Kentucky. The track is located in the center of the Bluegrass region which is know for horse breeding and racing. It usually hosts harness racing and the most common horse breed on the track is the standardbred. However, it has also been known to host quarter horse flat races from time to time.

  • Hippodrome de Quebec Horse Racing Track in Canada

    Imagine watching your favourite horse as it pounds down the homestretch fighting for first place. Imagine the lump in your throat or the butterflies in your stomach as the competing equine athletes cross the finish line. Imagine realizing that you have just doubled your money. If you know this familiar feeling, then Hippodrome de Quebec is going to be your next favourite destination.

  • Clare Evans

    Bird and Co are a full service digital agency specialising in equine graphic design, web design and online marketing. Having worked with a number of high profile equine companies, they have the skills and experience to get your equine business noticed today.

  • New Hampshire Racetracks

    Organizations such as the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission and the New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association oversee all horse related events and competitions in New Hampshire. Promoting the sport and ensuring that events are fair and compliant to the rules and regulations, means racing enthusiasts can enjoy exciting days filled with live horse racing action.

  • Horse Racing and Odds Making

    Odds making is the practice, usually performed by professional bookmakers, of setting the betting odds on the result of a sporting event. Most people are familiar with odds being given on each horse winning a particular race, for example 5:2 odds for a favorite or 200:1 for an extreme long shot. In plain terms, a bet on the long shot would return $200 for each dollar bet, with a $10 bet ...

  • Endurance Horse Racing

    Endurance riding or racing is a popular equestrian sport which involves traveling long distances. High-level races can be up to 100 miles or even longer and take between 10 to 12 hours. Endurance horse racing is very much a family sport and people of all ages participate in the adventure.