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  • Longacres Mile Taken by Wasserman

    The Longacres Mile Handicap was run on Sunday, 17 August 2008, at Emerald Downs Racecourse. It was day to remember for breeders and Washington racing, as the homebred six year old Wasserman ...

  • Synthetic Tracks Make Horse Racing Safer

    Since horse racing is sometimes criticized for its safety record, every effort to avoid accidents during races is worthwhile. Some risks relate to dangerous riding and racing stewards hand out ...

  • 150 Year milestone for the Alameda County Fair

    Today, the 20th of June 2008, is the official opening of the 2008 Alameda County Fair, and as always it will open with spectacular live horse racing and fireworks. This year is a very special ...

  • Oaklawn Park Takes Precautions

    Over a thousand horses have descended on the Oaklawn Park Racecourse in anticipation of the start of the new racing season, which kicks off on 16 January 2009. Many horses have been moved ahead ...

  • Horse Racing Lessons for Government from Quebec

    Controversy surrounds the role of governments in the world of horse racing. It is tempting to ask politicians and bureaucrats to stay away from the complexities of sports betting and race track ...

  • A Top Horse Racing Tradition

    A family name and title that evokes widespread respect in the worlds of both Islam and horse racing is that of the Aga Khan. The spiritual heads of this forward looking and liberal sect of ...

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  • Iowa Horse RaceTracks

    Prairie Meadows Racecourse is a relative late-comer to the world of horse racing, only receiving a license in 1984 from the Iowa State Racing Commission. This racecourse has however catapulted Iowa into the racing limelight, and has become one of the leading racecourses in the industry. It was the first racecourse to be built in Iowa, and opened its doors to the public on 1 March 1989. Over ...

  • Advertising on HorseRacing.com

    About Us HorseRacing.com was established in 1995 and was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to horse racing with news, events, results, original content, and blogs. The site has been exclusively managed by HorseRacing.com, which has overseen all development, editorial services and design.HorseRacing.com is strongly branded in the horse racing market as the HorseRacing ...

  • Genetics in Race Horse Breeding

    New Trends in Breeding Horse Racing ChampionsBreeding improved animals has always fascinated horse racing lovers. It has become a time honored tradition to extend the life of male horses particularly as studs, long after they are too old to race, or even slightly injured. Many wagers are placed on the basis of ancestry, rather than evidence of current performance.

  • Montana Downs at Great Falls Horse Racing Track

    Montana Downs at Great Falls is located at Montana Expo Park, with their racing season taking place during the Montana State Fair in July and August. Visitors to Montana Downs at Great Falls can look forward to several days of fantastic Thoroughbred, Paint and Quarter horse racing, along with abundant entertainment that accompanies the State Fair.

  • Dominic Godwinson

    Dominic Godwinson is a chief editor of the ProfitsFinanceSite.com and an avid horse racing enthusiast. When not messing with finances he's writing insightful horse racing tips for various horse racing websites."

  • Red Mile Race Track in Kentucky

    Famous for it’s red clay track and one-mile length, The Red Mile is located in Lexington, Kentucky. The track is located in the center of the Bluegrass region which is know for horse breeding and racing. It usually hosts harness racing and the most common horse breed on the track is the standardbred. However, it has also been known to host quarter horse flat races from time to time.