Horse Racing in Australia

Everyone knows Australians for their love of sport, and horse racing has an avid following in this country. The climate is suitable for a long racing season, and there are a number of outstanding race tracks on the continent. Australia is a favorite with horse racing lovers who live in the temperate latitudes of North America, and who wish to follow events and enjoy online betting during the colder months in their home towns.

Queanbeyan in North South Wales is a favorite with international punters and
those who follow horse racing. The racecourse and bookmakers associated with
it have favorable impressions with horse racing enthusiasts, for providing handsome
chances of profits for those who wager for the entire season, if not for the long
term. Queanbeyan is a scenic town with much culture to enjoy and historic places to
explore, so it is a superb choice for a horse racing vacation as well.

Queanbeyan is just 10 minutes from Canberra, so you can get here easily from vitually anywhere in the world. The range of accommodation stretches all the way from conventional hotels to
caravan parks and even farm estates, so international punters can look forward to some authentic
Aussie hospitality as they take in the sun and cash from betting odds at the same time. An engaging
feature of Queanbeyan is that everything from the race track to the Central Business District is so
well laid down, that you lose minimal time in getting from one place to another. It is also a great
way to discard automobiles for a few days, and simply stroll around. Exotic dining options and intriguing
retail stores round off a horse racing holiday in Queanbeyan, and add to the cash benefits of wagering here.
By the way, you can throw in a couple of rounds of golf when staying here for the horse racing season.

The Queanbeyan racecourse was established towards the end of the 19th century, though
the local Club was only formed after World War II. The track presents an absorbing challenge for horses
and jockeys, which makes for top quality horse racing. There are twenty seven events a year, and the
amenities for the general public are most gratifying, both from the spectator and punter perspectives.
Regular members can look forward to exclusive benefits such as covered seating and formal dining.
Queanbeyan combines a unique atmosphere with amenities that are above standard by the best horse racing