Horse Racing in Canada

Purists may look down upon the Canadian version of horse racing, though the sport does not lack any support from the local population! Whether the experience goes down well or not, there can be no doubt that horse racing in Canada has a feel that is very different from the sport on the other side of the Atlantic! The sport has a very futuristic demeanor in Canada, and perhaps other countries will follow its lead in this respect one day. Large video screens and slot machines are the most prominent features of a Canadian track.

Horse racing seems only a small part of the entire entertainment package at Canadian race tracks. First timers may wonder why people visit one horse racing track only to watch events at another! The mix between horse racing and other forms of betting is also a distraction for those who would like to focus on the sport.

Canadian horse racing is very casual and trendy in ambiance, so followers of the sport from other parts of the world have entirely new experiences when they visit Canada. Perhaps this is typical of the country and not restricted to horse racing alone. The facility to enjoy horses, competition, and friendly company, can easily grow on people. Many followers of the old style of formal horse racing may discover over time that the Canadian style appeals to them.

Though Canadian horse racing breaks with tradition in so many ways, it also has a form which goes way back in to the past. This is in the form of harness racing. This exciting and quaint form of horse racing has origins in the pastoral communities of North America, and stretches back over much more than a century. Not much has changed in the harness racing world since its zenith in the 19th century, and horse racing lovers from other continents can enjoy this carefully preserved bit of history in Canada. The Triple Crown of the Queen’s Plate, the Breeders Stakes and the Prince of Wales Stakes is another traditional template of flat horse racing which survives the onslaught of modernism in Canada.