Horse Racing in England

Non-Stop Race Track Excitement for Horse Racing Enthusiasts

The race track evokes images of serious punters pouring over information in fine print on betting odds, and incredibly agile jockeys astride fiercely competitive race horses. Yet, there is much more to the charm of race tracks in terms of entertainment value and ambience. They are designed, built and maintained to provide quality recreation, apart from pleasant opportunities for sporting bets.

The United States competes with Great Britain, other parts
of Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Latin America, with race tracks designed
to test brave race horses and their intrepid riders for speed, endurance and the ability to
present and counter tremendous challenges.

A race track may have elegant diversions for distinguished company. There is the beach at Del Mar,
while Mountaineer in Chester, West Virginia is part of an entire gaming resort where you can enjoy
a refreshing break in luxurious lodgings, with golf and other attractions to accompany the joys of
horse racing. The gift shop and restaurant along the race track at Keeneland in Kentucky makes for
memorable outings, regardless of the outcome of a modest wager. The Meadowlands course in East Rutherford,
New Jersey is another famous and popular race track, while Arlington Heights in Illinois has a proud record
of some of the most amazing contests between race horses and jockeys ever seen. Aqueduct and Finger Lakes in
Farmington, New York do the State proud. The United States has the privilege of hosting some of the best race
tracks that horses, jockeys and punters love.

A typical race track may be developed over a site of over 250 acres, and is an oasis of greenery
and the best amenities for race participants and spectators alike. A grandstand is often a most
imposing structure; some have capacities of seating more than 25 thousand people at a time.
Experienced punters hang out during work out and stable tram hours, to study their favorites
at close quarters. An event is an occasion for glamour, and most race tracks impose a dress
code. The racing season generally lasts for only a small portion of the calendar, so race
tracks have facilities for satellite wagering with creature comforts of catering at hand,
throughout the year. Sales of yearlings, thoroughbreds and breeding stock, are other off-season
events of note. Dramatic increases in insurance costs threaten many US race tracks, and managements
and developers must exercise great creativity to buttress traditional revenue streams with new ways
of attracting additional custom and business.

Dropping in on an expansive and historic race track can be one of the delights of a vacation
to a new place, or even a diverting break from a difficult business trip abroad. Write to us,
and we will be pleased to suggest some of the best race tracks within shot of your next
destination. You are certain to enjoy the experience and could well profit from it in unexpected
manner as well! Do join our Forum and share your memories of race tracks that you love.