Harris Farms

Established in 1966, Harris Farms has long been dedicated to the raising and training of thoroughbred racehorses. Today the Harris Farms operation combines state-of-the-art technology with old-fashioned, tried and tested methods of horsemanship in order to produce excellent foals and racehorses. From the very start of each foal’s life to its first day on the racetrack, it is carefully cared for by a team of competent and professional horsemen. All efforts are taken to ensure that birthing is as safe and successful as modern veterinary practices can make the process, and the horses at Harris Farms are kept in as natural an environment as possible.

You’ll find the main Harris Farms facility roughly one mile east of Interstate 5 in California. The facility has been producing top thoroughbred racehorses for over 35 years and it has nine stallions and an above 90% conception rate. Currently the farm has one of the highest fertility and live foal rates in the state and development can be monitored through a series of pictures which are posted up on the farm’s official website. The farm covers roughly 600 acres of stunning green pastures, training facilities and breeding barns. The training track is a well-groomed 7/8 mile track which is available for use by the respective racehorse owner’s trainers and veterinarians. Much of the training is done by resident trainer, Per Antonsen, and his excellent team. Antonsen meticulously takes the time to train each horse in an individual capacity in an effort to bring out their best. The results include a number of graded stakes horses, including Tiznow, Super Tuesday, Image of Glory, Soviet Problem, Work the Crowd, Teresa MC and Ceeband. Tiznow was the Breeder’s Cup Classic winner for both 2000 and 2001 raking in over $6.5 million.

The River Ranch yearling farm is a very important part of the Harris Farms operation. Located about an hour east of the main farm, this 140-acre facility combines grassy pastures, fresh mountain water and pristine air to provide youngsters with the best environment possible for excellent growth. River Ranch is also used by those who wish to retire their racehorses and provide them with the most luxurious lifestyle possible. Simply put, Harris Farms cares for the needs of your racehorse – from conception to retirement.